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My stuffed turkey is almost cooked but really no juices

Stuffed turkey crown is almost cooked but there is virtually no juices how can I rectify this
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Can excess salt in a cured gammon joint be removed after it has been roasted?

It's my first time of cooking cured gammon joint and I wasn't aware of how salty it is until after roasting it in the oven. I need to know if the excess salt can be still be removed even after it has ...
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What is a "raw smoked" gammon (or ham)?

In many recipes I've come across the term "raw smoked gammon" (sometimes also "raw smoked ham"). English is not my primary language, so such terms are sometimes difficult. This site has an answer on ...
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How to remove the excessive saltiness from gammon?

I've tried a few time to roast gammon, typically my method is to soak the gammon and then roast for a few hours. The result is typically just this side of editable. I've even tried boiling it first (...
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Any magic formulas for roasting a gammon joint?

wondering if there is a magic formula (i.e weight/temp/time) in order to get a gammon just right?
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What's the difference between bacon and gammon?

What is the difference between Gammon and Bacon? Would it be generally reasonable to substitute the two as required?
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