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Could coconut cream be used to create a non-dairy ganache for whipping?

A few days ago I made a batch of profiteroles and éclairs, with a minor twist: For half the profiteroles, instead of chantilly cream I used a whipped ganache made from about 2 parts dark or ...
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What is liquid glucose?

Two days ago, I was making ganache as a topping for cupcakes. I needed, as expected, cream and chocolate. But '1 teaspoon of liquid glucose' was also on the list of ingredients (for 12 cupcakes). I ...
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White chocolate ganache won't set

The other day I attempted to make a white chocolate ganache, and while the flavor is perfect, it utterly refused to set. Instead what I ended up with was a sticky, somewhat runny blob. It never hit ...
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What is the proper ratio of heavy cream to chocolate for a thick ganache?

Most recipes on the internet call for a 1:1 ratio that I've seen but this ends up being rather watery. I want a thick chocolaty ganache. Is there anything special that needs to be done to achieve ...
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Ganache coating on a roulade

What started out as a variation on a Sacher Torte has turned into a roulade (mostly to justify my recent purchase of a jelly roll pan). I think I've got it figured out exactly how I want to do it, ...
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How do I keep my chocolate ganache in the right consistency?

I made a chocolate ganache and after a few hours in the fridge it was in the perfect consistency. I left it out of the fridge so it would be room temperature, and an hour later it became much harder. ...
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