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For questions about the kitchen equipment that is built into a drain and shreds organic waste into small particles. Not for questions about recycling or waste disposal in general.

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14 answers

Can you put egg shells down the garbage disposal unit?

The Google has conflicting answers. I come from a background of "everything goes in the garbage disposal", my wife's background is "never put anything in the garbage disposal". I suspect reality is ...
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Does garbage disposal horse power matter that much?

I am in the last leg of a kitchen remodel and need to purchase a garbage disposal. And I am wondering how much of a difference horse power makes in the day to day operation of the kitchen? Has anyone ...
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Is there a safe way to remove items that have fallen into a Garbage Disposal?

I've always been told to never reach into a garbage disposal, for obvious reasons, but always seem to drop items in that I don't want to risk ruining the blades with by grinding them. Is there a tool(...
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