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Is pyrex safe to use on a gas burner?

There seems to be conflicting views on whether a pyrex dish can be used on a gas burner. Can anybody here provide a definitive answer?
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Induction range vs gas

In the next few months I have a kitchen remodel planned. One item to be replaced is the range/oven. Currently we have a "vintage" electric stove. I am undecided as to whether to choose gas or an ...
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Baking in gas oven does not brown the top

I need advice from those who bake in gas oven without fan. I bake on the middle rack and have an oven thermometer(my oven is -20 deg off). My cakes get baked darker on bottom and paler on top. Cookies ...
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How does adding baking soda to soaking beans/lentils reduce the gas they make you have?

I've heard a few times that adding a pinch of baking soda to the water you use to soak beans/lentils in, reduces the gas it makes you have. I've not do any measured experiments myself, but I have ...
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Can I use a Wok ring on a gas range?

I have just purchased a GE Cafe gas range. The user guide indicates: Do not use a wok on the cooking surface if the wok has a round metal ring that is placed over the burner grate to support the ...
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Camping stove to supplement an electric hob

I've got basic electric hobs in my kitchen which do a fine job - but a lot of cookbooks suggest that certain things would be best done on an open flame/gas hob (i.e. anything involving a wok). My ...
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Does using Electric stove vs Gas stove have any difference in food taste?

Does it make any difference in taste when you use Gas stove and Electric Stove? AFAIK, it doesn't but some people I know (amateur cooks) say that it does make a difference in taste. Enlighten me on ...
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Need a gas cooker but have no gas supply

I am not sure about the terminology, i.e if it's called an electric cooker, burner, stove or something else. So I'll just refer to it as a electric or gas cooker to simplify things. We don't have a ...
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How can I compare heat levels from burners?

Recipes call for cooking food over varying amounts of heat on the stove burners - medium, medium-high, low, etc. How can I compare what the person who wrote the recipe calls "medium" with what (I ...
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What are some of the benefits of electric stoves versus gas stoves?

I have recently moved house and one of the downsides is that I'm now stuck with an electric stove instead of a gas stove which was in the previous house. I'm not liking it one bit: It takes too long ...
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What do I need to know when moving from an electric hob to a gas hob

Soon I will be moving into a flat with a gas hob, and I've only ever had experience with electric hobs before. What do I need to be aware of in terms of the differences between them? I've heard that ...
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How can I reliably bake pizza with no temperature control or pizza stone?

How do I make a pizza in a gas oven, with no temperature control and no pizza stone? I have all ingredients to make pizza without actually knowing how it's made and baked. So I did some research ...
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Indian Mango Pickle producing gas is that normal?

I am trying to pickle some mangoes the Indian way. I boiled the jar in hot water, dried it and then added the mixture of spices, salt and mangoes to the jars after the mixture had cooled. I made the ...
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Can an induction hob heat a wok as much as a gas burner?

I have often heard it said that it's essential to use a gas burner for cooking fried rice because you need to get the wok very hot, and only a gas burner has that kind of heat. (they're referring to ...
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How do I stop metal-bottomed pots squeaking on my gas hob?

I have a gas hob and metal-bottomed pots. The support for the hob is made of metal and is coated in black plastic, like the image below. The previous owner has worn away at the layer of plastic that ...
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Is it safe to leave a gas oven on unattended?

Is it safe to leave a gas oven on unattended the whole day (with a closed dutch oven inside it braising beef etc.), similar to crock pot cooking? It is a gas oven with pilot lights on the stove, so I ...
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Neapolitan Pizza in a regular gas oven

I am trying to master the homemade Neapolitan pizza, from dough preparation to cooking it. After following the recommendations at for the dough preparation, I came across some doubts ...
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How to adjust time for oven stuck at 350F

My oven is stuck at 350F. I need to cook a lasagna that requires 400F for 1:55 (one hour 55 minutes). I also need to cook a turkey at 375F for 4:30 (separately). How do I adjust since my oven is stuck ...
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