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What causes changing blue and purple pigments in food?

I've noticed that many foods, such as cabbage, garlic, and ginger, either turn blue or purple in certain conditions, or that, like purple string beans, they lose these colors when cooked. Why is this?
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Ginger and yeast

I came across a recipe for buttermilk yeast bread which includes: pinch of ginger (helps activate the yeast) I tried searching around for more information about that, and the best I came up with ...
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My ginger is blueish... is it safe?

I bought ginger at the grocery store last week and kept it, unpeeled, in the fridge. Today I sliced it open and there is a ring of a blueish colour, instead of the yellow I was expecting. The ginger ...
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How can I make this antique ginger wine recipe using ingredients available today?

I have this old family ginger wine recipe, but some of the ingredients are hard to find or may not exist any more... Essence of Ginger 12mls Tincture of Capsicum 9mls Essence of Lemon 5mls Solution ...
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How can I store root ginger for maximum shelf life?

I have root ginger which sometimes dries out and goes a bit wrinkly. Currently I just store it on the side in a bowl. Is there a better way to store it to maximise its shelf life?
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Chinese cooking troubleshooting: still biting into pieces of ginger

I'm trying my hand at Chinese cooking. I doctored a mung bean soup that otherwise turned out okay. I took the spices, veg, added them to stock, waited till boiling over medium heat then simmered away ...
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Does ginger have to be peeled? If so how?

I noticed that many recipes that call for ginger explicitly call for peeled ginger. When I use ginger I don't bother to peel it. As it is almost always minced fine the tiny bits of papery peel are ...
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How can I maximize ginger extraction?

I want to make ginger drinks (bourbon, hot tea, ginger ale). In all cases, I want to create a ginger syrup that I can then add to bourbon, hot water, soda water to get my desired drink. I have tried ...
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Will roasting ginger root give it a milder flavor?

I just had a thought - garlic is very strongly flavoured, but turns nice and mild when roasted. Can the same be done with ginger root? I can't find any recipes with a cursory search of google. Is ...
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Why does milk curdle after being boiled with ginger?

I had heard that raw or simply pasteurized milk does curdle if ginger is put in it before it reaches its boiling point. Alright, so yesterday I boiled the pasteurized milk at 23:00. Room temperature ...
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Is this a true? You should use garlic with pork and ginger with beef and never vice versa?

"You should use garlic with pork and ginger with beef and never vice versa." This is coming from my dad who says that fact has been handed down from generations and generations of Chinese cooking. ...
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What is the most effective method to mince candied ginger?

I like to use candied ginger in place of fresh ginger in some dishes that will be sweet, but I want to use it in much smaller chunks than what it comes in. My problem is that even using a well-...
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