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Baking and Tahini Halva: replacing sugar/honey with corn syrup (pure dextrose)?

I just read a recipe for DIY Tahini Halva made using honey and another recipe (sugar free) of Tahini halva made with erythritol. However, Erythritol is not cheap and I don't mind carbs like "...
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Does glucose used is added to sugar quantity in recipes like ice creams?

I was successful making a new ice cream recipe from Pierre Herme: 100g Milk 135g Cream 1 egg yolk 45g sugar 15g glucose I replaced the glucose by honey. After churning the ice cream, it was smooth ...
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Peach sorbet is not setting at all and the mix is having a jelly texture when popped into the freezer

I am doing a peach sorbet following pierre herme recipe which literally said: 580g of peach puree 74g sugar 104g water 37g of glucose (I've used high quality honey instead) 4g of sorbet stabilizer ...
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Glucose in sweet bread?

I see glucose being used in cake to make them soft and moist. Now I'm wondering if glucose could have the same effect in bread. Can glucose be used in a brioche type bread? Perhaps as part of ...
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Liquid glucose stuck furniture

Since I was trying to make some marshmallows for the first time, I bought liquid glucose as was mentioned in the recipe. But, because of mishandling, the cap off the plastic container was not closed ...
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Do I use pure glucose or sugar syrup for making a caramel filling for a cookie?

I am trying to perfect my Dutch syrup waffles (stroopwafels). The cookies (waffles are perfect but the caramel filling is giving me problems. I tried making the caramel filling from sugar, sugar ...
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Vacuum sealing jars of Simple Syrup

So I'm looking to make some simple syrups (lavender, basil, etc...). In looking around I see that making 1:1 syrups via the "hot" process it should safely last two weeks and up to a month. If I ...
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Liquid glucose in marshmallows

What does liquid glucose do for a marshmallow? Has anyone replaced liquid glucose with golden syrup or any other syrup for that matter? What are the effects of using alternatives for marshmallows? ...
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How to tell if it is honey, super filtered honey, or corn syrup?

There is this article here in Australia that an importer has labeled corn syrup as honey. It has been imported from Turkey and it has been sold to people. I think this is not just happening here in ...
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Can I make invert syrup in situ when making candy?

There are a couple recipes out there for invert syrup that basically say add some acid (citric acid or cream of tartar) at 0.1% w/w bring it up to 240 °F​/​116 °C then let cool. However, is ...
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How to replace icing sugar and glucose in a cake icing?

I love cooking especially sweets but I'm not a professional. This time I tried to make ready-to-roll icing for the first time to decorate cupcakes but it was horrible (I used crystallized sugar ...
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Does liquid glucose contain as much fructose as high fructose corn syrup?

Does liquid glucose contain fructose in the same ratio as high fructose corn syrup?
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Substituting glucose syrup for glucose

I've noticed that many pate de fruit recipies call for a small amount of glucose in addition to sugar. My local store didn't have any glucose, but I have glucose syrup around. Can I use glucose syrup ...
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How to melt glucose?

I recent backed a pie that included glucose and the recipe pretty much only said melt glucose...nothing about how to use it which lead me to much agony :) So the question is ... is there a common ...
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