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Soft goat cheese as pizza topping without mess

I use soft unripened goat cheese as a pizza topping. I prefer it over crumbled goat cheese for these reasons: Soft goat cheese browns easier, melts easier, and has stronger flavour/tang compared to ...
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I have raw goat's milk yogurt in my refrigerator. I made it 2 months ago. Can it still be used to bake with? [duplicate]

Can yogurt made with raw goat's milk be used to bake with after 2 months?
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How can I mellow the taste of this goat cheese

Two days ago, I bought a goat cheese. It looked white and rectangular, it didn't had a particular name, and because it was in plastic I couldn't smell it. I got home, opened it, and wrapped it in ...
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How can I replace sweetened condensed milk in key lime pie with goat's milk?

I want to make a Key Lime pie using only goat's milk(cow's milk allergy issues). The filing is usually, if not always, made with condensed milk. No one sells sweetened condensed goat milk - not even ...
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How can goat milk be prepared to reduce the 'hairy' after taste it has?

I have bought goat milk as an alternative to cow milk. Others and myself say that there is a strong 'hairy' after taste which makes it less pleasant. Adding sugar does not dilute/reduce that taste. Is ...
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Does anyone know of a source of goat parmesan in the New York Area or a farm in New York that produces it?

I read in a previous Q that someone had subbed goat parmesan for regular. I am looking for a farm source in New York State or nearby.
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How to properly cook a kid?

Goat. Goat kid. I have a three month old goat kid that recently had to be moved to the freezer. Most of the goat recipes that I see call for long braising in strong flavors. I assume they are using ...
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How to broil a rack of goat ribs

It's football playoff time, and I have two racks of goat ribs. My cooking plan is to wrap the ribs in foil and broil them. Any recommendations about what to do with them first, and what to put in the ...
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How to season minced/ground goat

So I have about ten pounds of ground goat, ten pounds of goat sausage, and 2 racks of goat ribs. This is an ongoing supply, my folks keep meat goats so goat is cheap and plentiful. The meat isn't ...
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What cut of goat is appropriate for stews?

What cut of goat is appropriate for stews? My options are: leg, rack, shank, short loin and shoulder. Please rank them if you can. In the past, I've used neck pieces and the bones seemed to be an ...
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