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To be safe I just tossed some goose stock I made three weeks ago. What could realistically have been in it? [duplicate]

I just realized that I forgot about the stock I made from the Christmas goose. I am aware that stock, especially made from poultry, is an excellent growth medium for all kinds of microorganisms, so I ...
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How to quickly thaw frozen goose? [duplicate]

I have a 5kg goose, frozen at -18C. I guess that even at room temperature, it won't be ready in about 15h to cook. What are my options? How quickly would it thaw in cold water sousvide? Its packaged ...
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How should I modify roasting time in this roast goose recipe?

I have an 11½-lb goose that I would like to roast. I'm planning to use a technique from Cook's Illustrated magazine, which calls for a 10- to 12-lb bird, and for which the roasting proceeds as ...
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How to organize Goose and Duck for a Dinner?

I have goose and ducks leg and like to prepare them together in the oven. I checked these two recipes one and two and they seemed to be quite fitting. Now my questions is : one calls for oven heat of ...
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Goose for Christmas

I want to cook my goose on Christmas Day for eating about 3pm. BUT I will not be at home from 10am - 2pm. Can I leave it to slow cook at a lower temperature during these hours and increase ...
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How can I remove blood from snow goose breasts within a few hours?

I am not a hunter. My friend has given me several pounds of snow goose breast meat, hunted and cleaned today. He wants me to slow cook them tonight so we can eat them tomorrow. Since I cannot contact ...
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How long should I cook a half goose?

I have a 4.6 kg frozen goose from the supermarket. I have cut it in half along the spine and am planning to roast both halves separately. Presumably the bigger surface area means I don't need to cook ...
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How long to roast a whole goose?

My wife brought a fresh, unfrozen whole 11.71 Lb goose for us to roast for thanksgiving. How long should I roast it for? I've found conflicting advice online: BBC/Gordon Ramsay say 10 mins @ 240C/...
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How to cook frozen goose

We were given about 8 lbs of frozen goose breasts in a bag. I would think we can defrost it and will then have to cook all of it; slow cooker to be the best option. Is there a method of cooking this ...
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When to carve a goose - hot or cold

I have roasted a goose ready for tomorrow. Would the flavour and/or texture be better if I carved it tonight when it is warm, or wait until tomorrow when it is cold from the fridge.
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Orange sauce for goose

I've been to this wonderful Chinese place where they served goose in orange sauce/gravy. I've been looking for a recipe for it all over the Internet, but everything I found looked pretty far from it. ...
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Where can I buy a goose?

I'd like to roast a goose, but none of my local supermarkets stocks them. Where should I look?I would prefer fresh and local but frozen would suffice.
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Should I brine a goose?

I've had really good luck with brining turkey & chicken. I am making goose for this Christmas and have found mixed suggestions on whether to brine the goose. Does the fat content of an average ...
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