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What are the grades of Italian pasta?

I'm a Russian student. I'm writing a report about Italian pasta. There is no information on the Russian web sites, so guys, help me, please. I need to learn more about the grade/quality of pasta. What ...
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Tea leaf grades and plucking standards

How do the plucking standards of tea (imperial pluck, fine pluck, …) actually relate to the leaf grades? PG Tips claims “we pick the top two leaves and a bud known as the tips”, so that would be ...
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How to identify CTC tea?

The Harney and Sons Guide to Tea has the following to say about CTC tea: Today, both Flowery and Broken teas are also called “Orthodox” teas, to distinguish them from “CTC” teas. “CTC” teas (so ...
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Get Grade A produce?

A friend of mine told me that the top quality produce is sold to restaurants and that the produce found in supermarkets is B-grade. That is why, for example, you might see a bin of oranges at the ...
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How can I make the best use of prime beef?

I generally buy Choice grade beef, but will sometimes spend the extra money and buy Prime. How should I prepare Prime beef so as to take proper advantage of the additional tenderness, marbling and ...
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How does the USDA grading system work?

I understand it has to do with the marbling of the meat. Does the grading system apply to the entire cow, as in any cut from this cow is considered prime/choice/select? Or is it done by the portion ...
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