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Trying to find childhood recipe: Chocolate pudding covered in graham cracker dust

I'm trying to find a childhood recipe. Best I can remember it's this: Chocolate pudding/mousse covered in graham cracker dust. It doesn't really have a shape. It's like a blob. When you look at it all ...
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How much does a 2 1/2 square of graham crackers weigh

I have a recipe that calls for 8 dozen 2 1/2 inch squares of graham crackers, since they no longer are 2 1/2 inches I would like to know how much this would weigh. Oh, BTW they now measure 2 1/4 in ...
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Replacement for digestive biscuits/graham crackers?

I am going to make a cheesecake but I bought the wrong base for it. I want to make good use of the ingredients that I bought. Does cream crackers make good cheesecake base? Or should I make my own ...
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Is there a substitute for chocolate graham crackers?

Where I live, we don't have any kind of Graham crackers. I've used other cookies before instead of the regular Graham crackers without a problem. I now came across a recipe that asks for chocolate ...
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Is there a super close substitute for graham crackers?

I'm from Canada (where there are multitudes of graham crackers!), but I'm currently living in Australia. They do not have anything like graham crackers here, and I could really use them for a couple ...
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