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Why doesn't grape Ice-cream exist?

I've heard in multiple places that Grape Ice-cream does not exist or it is very difficult to make are there any serious papers that corroborate this information?
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Overcooked grapes for jelly?

I cooked my grapes overnight in a crock pot. It only has one temperature setting. The grapes became brown and appeared mushy, and the juice they released was also brown. The taste became almost cherry-...
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Can I make grapes honey from grape juice only

Following this video, we can see how to make grapes honey from grapes. Is there also a way to make grapes honey from 100% grape juice (instead of the whole grapes)? As can be seen in the video the ...
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Benefits or effects of salt on fruit fruit cleanliness with regards to wax, pests, pesticides, insecticides, etc?

There's a language barrier here for context. I have heard from a family relative that they think using salt in the preparation of some fruits to be beneficial from a cleanliness perspective, which ...
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Why do grape sodas taste radically different between US and Europe? [duplicate]

I am talking about these super sugary artificially flavored sodas, or candies for that matter. When I was a child and we went from France to the United States, I had absolutely NO idea that I was ...
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Why are grape preserves so hard to find in the USA?

When I was much younger my grandmother was always complaining that she could never find grape preserves anymore. That was maybe 20-30 years ago. I recently started looking for grape preserves and am ...
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What other English names are there for dried grapes?

In the US we refer to basically all dried grapes as raisins. In cooking shows in the UK I hear them refer to sultanas. I've also read that dried currants are really dried grapes, not actually the ...
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Why do grape-flavored foods taste different than actual grapes?

Grapes are one of my favorite fruits, but I typically don't like grape-flavored foods. For example, grape jelly or grape candies (like Jolly Ranchers) have a distinctly different taste. I imagine some ...
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Making tea out of grape leaves -when to pick the leaves?

I have a question for you regarding make tea out of grape leaves. I want to make some, but don't know when the best time to pick the leaves it. I know it's made in Greece and the USA, too, but not in ...
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What color grapes are "Malaga grapes"?

I've got an old (~1920's) fruit salad recipe that calls for Malaga grapes. My grocery store has "white" and "red" (and occasionally "black") -- which would be the appropriate substitute? Or is this ...
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can i blend up concord grapes seed and all for a pie?

I am making a Concord Grape pie and was thinking of blending the grapes in a Vita Mix seeds and all then cook the mix according to the recipe, has anyone done this?
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Why are predominantly grapes an ingredient in wine?

Commonly, wine is defined as an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes. In contrast to this, wines made from other fruits are called fruit wine (except mead, cider, perry for historical reasons)...
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Are there any cons to heating orange and grape juice?

Very simply I'd like to offer guests mixed heated orange and grape juice in the winter. I'm not sure why this isn't more common since hot lemonade and hot cider exist. Are there any nutritional cons ...
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Grape vinegar vs wine vinegar

Is there a difference between the two? Also, does the commercially available wine vinegar contain any alcohol?
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Should I separate grape skins when making jam?

Recipes for grape jam (e.g. from Gourmet) commonly say to separate the skins, puree the skins for inclusion in the jam, cook them, cook the pulp, and remove the seeds with a food mill. Is there any ...
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What's the fastest way to seed grapes (e.g., Concordes)?

I've got a bunch of grapes, with seeds. I need to seed them for a recipe. Cutting them in half and prying out the seeds with a paring knife makes me yearn for stringing beans. Any suggestions on how ...
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