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Is there any trick to cleaning up after grating frozen butter?

I grated frozen butter for the first time today, to make a streusel topping. It worked much faster than my usual method of cubing and cutting in. However the cleanup felt wrong. I used a paper towel ...
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How to grate cinnamon using a microplane

What is the best way (force/position/type of cinnamon) to grate cinnamon sticks using a microplane? I've tried several times, and although I get a finely ground, very aromatic powder, it took me five ...
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Do these two types of mouli graters do the same thing?

I would like to know whether these two types of mouli graters found in the internet do the same thing, work the same way, or are actually used for different types of food. How do they differ in terms ...
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How do I wash the "pokey" side of a box grater?

I have this box grater, and one of the sides is "non-directional" (not sure what this is called) -- that is, the pointy "blade" things are on every side of the holes: Close-up: The fibers you see ...
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Potato ricer substitute

I'm looking to make potato gnocchi again but won't have a potato ricer. Is there another way to make the potato flour with it? Will a fine cheese grater work on a baked potato?
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Can I use a meat grinder to grate cheese?

I have a large block of cheddar cheese that I would like to use for burgers. But grating is such a pain. I do have a meat grinder. Can I use that for "grating" cheese? Has anybody done that before? ...
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What is each side of a 4-sided grater for?

We own a standard 4-sided grater, but only ever use the side with large holes. What do the other sides do, and what kind of recipes are they for? We have: Medium holes with a cutting edge on bottom ...
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What's this "pucker" style hole on my cheese grater for?

Ok, this picture has two sort of weird looking holes, but the one I'm asking about is on the left side of the picture - the metal sort-of puckers up, like it's been punched through from the back side. ...
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Does it make any sense to grate the radish on a grater without peeling its skin?

Does the radish automatically get rid of it's skin when grated on the grater? OR for safety reasons is it better to peel the skin off the radish before grating? By radish I mean this: http://en....
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An efficient way to zest key limes?

Due to my affinity for baked goods, I decided to try creating key lime pie filling from scratch. I've done so twice now using two recipes. The first of which calls for key lime zest as a primary ...
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What's the best way to grate chocolate?

What's the best way to grate chocolate without getting it messy and melting all over one's fingers? I've been using a fine cheese grater, and while it does the trick, the chocolate melts in my hand ...
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How can I grate soft cheeses?

Sometimes I need to shred a block of a soft cheese such as mozzarella, or cheddar. When I use my grater, the cheese starts to get kind of chunky as I'm grating it. I end up wasting a lot of cheese ...
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Is there a way to grate a block of cheese entirely without hurting one's fingers or knuckles?

You know the scenario: You grate the cheddar until you're left with a quarter-inch. What do you do? Try to grate it and risk cutting your knuckles, or pop it in your mouth and enjoy? Usually I do the ...
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