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Is it safe to start using seasoned cast iron grill/griddle after 7 years?

A friend's been sick and had not been using his cast iron grill/griddle for approximately 8 years. He decided to give them to me. The grill/griddle was seasoned (with oil) 8 years ago, but the oil on ...
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Flavored Butter Sauce/Liquid

To explain kind of what I am looking for. When going to a local Chinese restaurant they have a Mongolian bar where they cook the food you choose in flavored sauces of your choice. My go to is the ...
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Is it safe to cook pancakes on a copper surface?

I've read a lot about copper cookware and how it's useful for heat management and its non-stick qualities, as long as it is tinned. But after watching this video showing a Korean restaurant preparing ...
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Is iron skillet seasoning a carcinogen [closed]

I switched to cast-iron skillet/griddle (dont know what it's technically called) recently for my omelette because I read somewhere that non-stick coating can leak carcinogen during cooking For cast-...
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What is the point of mustard-frying burger patties?

I mean the type where mustard is placed on the hot griddle, and the patty is placed or smashed on top. Mustard is actually mostly water (with some vinegar and mustard powder mixed in). The water ...
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Converting a stovetop to a griddle

I want to use a full stovetop griddle in my regular stovetop. I have this My issue is that the heating ends up ...
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Black stains on aluminium+teflon griddle

I have an old aluminium griddle with teflon siding. The griddle is covered with black stains that look like grease stains but won't go away by washing. I can scrape them away but I am afraid that this ...
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Failed griddle seasoning

I have a viking stove in a house I recently purchased. It has a griddle, I cleaned it with a grill stone using oil while it was cold (the griddle). It cleaned well. Next, I used flax oil to season ...
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Washing Griddle before first use

I recently purchased a cuisine art 5 in 1 griddle machine and cooked with it before noticing the instruction to wash it before the first time use. Does this really make a difference? And is there any ...
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Should I buy a used flat griddle?

Hi there I am opening a hot dog joint where we will also sell hamburgers and I am trying to decide whether I should buy a new or used grill. I spoke with a salesman at an equipment store and he told ...
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Electric Cooktop Griddle?

I recently bought a house that has an oven with an electric 4-burner flat cooktop (estimated circa 1970s/80s), as well as an additional electric 4-burner cooktop. What I'm wondering, is there an ...
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My flatbreads are still doughy inside after cooking?

So I am making basic flat breads using flour, water, oil, salt and spices. I kneaded the dough for 5 mins and rested it for 15. I then rolled them out really thin and cooked on a super hot griddle, ...
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What is the liquid often ladled onto the grill top in restaurants?

At some restaurants, I've often seen the cook place something like vegetables onto the grill top, ladle a small amount of liquid on top of them and then cover it with a lid. My assumption is that this ...
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How do I season an iron griddle on an induction hob?

I have an induction hob but no oven, how do I season a new cast iron pan I'm thinking of getting?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages to using a griddle instead of a cast-iron skillet?

I have moved into a house with a nice Wolf-range griddle, and I would like to know what the primary advantages of the griddle are over a cast-iron skillet, including, is there anything I can do with a ...
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Are there any differences that need to be accounted for when changing a hamburger from grilled to griddled?

I have a friend that is about to open a food truck and he has asked me to use my burger recipe. I have spent a long time perfecting it, but I have always made it with thick patties meant for the ...
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