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Why is the outside of grilled cheese buttered?

Most grilled cheese recipes call for the outward faces of bread to be buttered, while the inside faces have the cheese inserted. However, this tends to cause your hands to become very oily when eating ...
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If I grill a bacon-wrapped chicken skewer, does a significant amount of bacon fat seeps into the poultry?

I have cubes of chicken breast wrapped in bacon in a footlong bamboo skewer grilled in an electrical barbecue grill. One of my guests said that if you remove the bacon and eat only the chicken, you ...
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3 votes
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Slight smell and slight bitter taste of the belly parts of grilled fish

One of my favorite grilled fish is the Blackspot seabream Unfortunately, now and then, the belly part of the grilled fish tastes slightly bitter and smells a bit, which makes me not to eat those ...
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Is a grilled cheese sandwich still considered a grilled cheese sandwich if it contains a third slice of bread? [closed]

From what I understand, once something is added to a grilled cheese sandwich other than sauce or seasoning, it ceases to be a grilled cheese sandwich and instead becomes a melt. But what if you put ...
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Can't Get That Grilled Cheese Done Right

I've been trying to make grilled cheese on the grill for a while now. While at first this sounds funny, but I believe that it is 100% possible to do. I just have no idea even how to approach this meal....
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Why is a grilled lamb chop tougher than stir fried beef strips or lamb stew?

Why does a grilled lamb chop feel more tough compared to say stir fried beef strips or lamb stew?
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