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Questions tagged [grilling]

A dry heat cooking method using direct heat, most often from open flames or charcoal embers. For the UK/AU usage describing cooking with the upper element of an oven, use the broiling tag.

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In a recipe, yogurt toughens potatoes but whipping cream does not

I have a favorite tried & true recipe that I simply call ‘foil potatoes’. recipe link: ...
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In Belgium or from where to buy this grill over rack, steamer rack?

I have this microoven which has grill functionality. But to grill chicken like following picture: i do not have that stand (steamer rack) which is holding the chicken on top. Do you know in Europe/...
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Pork belly strips and ribs

I’d like to know if I can safely lay down pork belly slices on top of pork ribs while smoking? I’m using a pellet grill/smoker at 200-225 degrees for 6 hours.
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Multi-purpose grilling apparatus possible for BBQ and shashlik possible?

In Russia and Central Asia, they make shashlik on a mangal. A major difference is that the mangal does not have a grate that is the spits with meat pieces are directly exposed to the heat. I've been ...
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