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11 votes
5 answers

What features should I look for in a hand grinder (for peanut butter)?

I want to make my own peanut butter. I've read of various grinders--both hand-operated and electric. I'm most interested in finding a durable hand-operated peanut butter grinder. I know there are ...
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24 votes
9 answers

How can I grind coffee without a coffee grinder?

I usually buy prepackaged ground coffee for my drip coffee maker, but recently I accidentally bought a bag of whole bean coffee and threw away the receipt. Can I salvage this bag of coffee without ...
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12 votes
8 answers

How to get a smooth paste from ground chickpeas?

I make Hummus quite often, and use my food processor to chop the chickpeas. This yields a sort of coarse paste, which is a little better if I peel the chickpeas first. Adding liquid to the mixture ...
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18 votes
5 answers

how to grind pistachio nuts so that they stay dry

I've become a bit obsessed with making macarons and have actually managed to make them come out nicely, so I'm looking to take them to the next level and start using different nuts from almonds. When ...
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5 answers

Why is my meat grinder getting clogged with sinew?

Last Christmas, I got a meat grinder and I've stared experimenting with sausage making. My previous batches have been around a pound of pork, and I noticed that it seemed to slow down as I went. Today,...
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4 votes
5 answers

When would a cook reach out for a mortar and pestle rather than an electric grinder for spices and a sharp knife for herbs?

The last person I witnessed use a mortar and pestle was my grandmother, and even she was dissatisfied with how a few grains of coriander might regularly fly off. But mortar and pestles remain very ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Should I crush the spice for Chai Tea Latte?

After having a cup of Chai Tea Latte from Starbuck,I decided to make a cup of Chai Tea Latte by myself. I've bought the spice from India store, however, they are not in powder simply because they don'...
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3 votes
2 answers

How do I grind almonds for making marzipan?

I want to attempt making marzipan, and the recipe I'm considering calls for 200 grams ground almonds (link to full recipe). How fine should the almonds be ground? Is it something that I can accomplish ...
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How to make ground almonds creamy?

I put roasted almonds through a food grinder — first on coarse grind then on fine[1] — thinking I would wind up with almond butter. I wound up with a fine ground instead. I haven't tried, ...
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