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Guava is a fruit cultivated in tropical climates.

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How do I easily get thin slices of guava paste?

I made guava bars recently, with a layer made of slices of guava paste. The block of paste I had was pretty hard to cut thinly and evenly: it was very sticky, and firm enough to take effort to cut ...
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Not able to juice a guava

Well I have a Jack LaLaine Power Juicer Express. This did not work so well with the ripe guavas. Twelve washed and whole guavas and no juice. Lots of pulp though. Decided to scrape all this pulp out ...
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4 answers

How to deseed a guava?

I found guavas in the local Asian store and bought one out of curiosity. While I have had guava juice, I've never eaten the fruit before. I bit into the fruit only to find my mouth full of hard ...
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Can Guava seeds be used to make a coffee-like drink?

According to this website containing info on strawberry guavas: The seeds can be eaten carefully or roasted as a coffee substitute. Apart from that site, I can find no other references anywhere ...
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How do you make guava juice?

I have three very productive guava trees in my yard and end up throwing away 25-50 guavas each day, as I can't go through them all fast enough. I'd like to make juice from some of this excess, but I'm ...
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