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Haddock Falling Apart

I coated a haddock filet in flour and then fried it in olive oil. I let it reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When I went to flip it it fell apart and broke into sections. What do I need to do to cook a ...
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Desperately Seeking Chicken Haddies

A staple of my Gran's kitchen when I was a child, Chicken Haddies (unbelievably I found a graphic of the product she favoured, below) was boneless haddock meat wrapped in wax paper then canned (a ...
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What sauce could I use for haddock? [closed]

I'm doing fish fries tonight, and my wife doesn't like breaded fish. The thought was to pan sear hers and finish it with a sauce. Unfortunately, I'm having a tough time finding sauce ideas for haddock....
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Differences between haddock and cod

I saw haddock on sale at our local grocer. It's really cheap this week. It grew my curiosity. Are there any similarities in flavor between haddock and cod? I often see haddock and cod ...
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