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I would recommend using 'cream' and avoiding this tag entirely.

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5 answers

Why does diluted half & half not make a substitute for whole milk?

I noticed that cutting half & half with water does not make it taste like whole milk. What is the reason for this? I'm trying to apply some systems thinking to my understanding of ingredients.
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heavy cream and half-and-half substitute

I am trying to make ice cream and it calls for 3 cups half-and-half and 1 cup heavy cream. I don't have either but I do have one gal of 2% milk If I can make some half-and-half and heavy cream out ...
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4 votes
6 answers

I accidentally froze a carton of Half and Half. Is it ruined?

My fridge got set a wee bit colder than it should've and most of my liquid stuff has frozen. Fortunately all I had in there at the moment was some bottled water, some fruit juice, and a carton of half ...
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How to thin half and half to substitute for milk?

I have a recipe that is for a "Texas-Style Blueberry Cobbler" (site is paywalled) from America's Test Kitchen. The recipe is as follows: 4 tbsp butter in four pieces + 8 tbsp melted & cooled 1-...
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