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How dangerous is it to bake food with plastic?

I just baked a spiral ham for an hour. There was a little piece of plastic that I was supposed to 'remove before cooking', but I didn't notice it. After an hour, the ham was baked and the plastic ...
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6 answers

Can I re-cook a ham that was left out overnight?

I left a fully cooked ham in a bag out overnight. It was refrigerator temperature when I took it out at 9pm. Our Seattle home was not heated; it was about 50 degrees last night. I found it at 6am and ...
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Different cooking times and different dishes

Merry Christmas! I would love it if all my dishes came out at the same time. Any ideas? I am cooking a ham at 350, au gratin potatoes at 425 and a souffle at 350 what temperature should I cook at to ...
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