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Is it ok to brine an already cured ham?

I always make a ham on Christmas Eve and this year I was thinking of trying to get a little extra flavour in by brining it first. However it is a shop bought, already cured ham. I've looked around ...
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Can you leave a cooked ham in cooking water overnight and then bake the next day?

I usually boil and bake my hams. As there is a great deal to do on Christmas day, I'd like to prep as much as possible the day before. Would it be possible to boil the ham and leave it in the cooking ...
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Are these green areas on my cured ham a health problem?

In below images I highlighted a green coloration on my cured boar ham. It cured for 5 days in an open plastic box in my cellar. I put a lot of salt around it and a weight on top (it was maybe 75% ...
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Cooking ham in an oven with oven cleaner

If a ham was cooked for 20 mins in an oven before realising that there was a layer of oven cleaner in the oven, is the meat safe to eat?
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