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2 votes
2 answers

What organs of fish are these?

I found two organs in a fish. I heard the fish us called pacific herring. The two organs are large compared to the fish size. It looks like liver, but pale and large. Some said it is male reproductive ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Freezing matjes herrings in oil

I bought some excellent Matjes herring in the supermarket but do not know how long it will be available. So I would like to buy a quantity and freeze it. Will the product be good to eat after freezing ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Temperature at which to pickle herrings

If the pickling process takes approximately 2-3 days, should the pickling process take place at room temperature? Or can it be done in a refrigerator?
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7 votes
2 answers

Is pickled herring cooked?

With respect to pickled herring, is the herring cooked before being put into the pickling solution? If not, what safety measures are in place to ensure bacteria are within safe limits?
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