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2 answers

Why do some powders clump in hot water?

Why do some powders like flour or matcha green tea causes lumps in hot water while other powders like sugar or cocoa or wheat grass (triticum aestivum) readily dissolve? Wheat grass powder is green ...
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How to make Instant Hot Chocolate Taste Less Watery

How can I make hot chocolate drinks made from using instant hot chocolate sachets taste less watery? I work in an office with limited kitchen appliances, we only have access to a tap that dispenses ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How to solidify melted chocolate?

I have a fair amount of 75% cocoa chocolate. I would like to melt this chocolate and mix it up with some spices, fruit, nuts, coffee of mine. I would then spread this chocolate into a thin board and ...
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How to make cocoa powder soluble in water or milk without sugar?

Since cocoa powder is not soluble in water/milk (the physics prevent the molecules of cocoa from entering into the molecules of water/milk) none of the suggestion given will actually work. And given ...
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