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How to prepare hot dogs with a smooth appearance, but with grill marks?

So, its summer its another BBQ season without COVID restrictions. So, as appropriate for the season, I had a question about hotdogs. I know that it's possible to prepare hotdogs by boiling, and indeed,...
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Why does boiling hot dogs make the water dirty?

I boil some of my hot dogs and every time I do that the water becomes turbid. I am assuming that this water has salts and fat which makes it turbid. Do we know what is the composition of this water, ...
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A white yellowish filling in my sausage

What is the filling in my sausage? I am thinking fat. What do you think?
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Had my frozen hot dogs gone rancid?

Where I live is currently in Covid lockdown, so when I was cooking dinner tonight, I decided to pull some old hot dogs out of my freezer and boil them. However, rather than sinking to the bottom of ...
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What is this hot dog grilling machine called in everyday spoken English?

People love hot dogs. What is this hot dog grilling machine called in everyday spoken English?
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What are bologna and hotdogs really made of?

I am hoping this question isn't off-topic as it's mainly about what a specific type of food is made of rather than how to make it. Of course, I could always reframe the question as "How do I make ...
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Should I buy a used flat griddle?

Hi there I am opening a hot dog joint where we will also sell hamburgers and I am trying to decide whether I should buy a new or used grill. I spoke with a salesman at an equipment store and he told ...
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Will blending corn meal make baking corn dog batter more user friendly?

I made a baking corn dog batter (cornmeal muffins with hot dogs spaced out in a glass baking pan) a long time ago, and it turned out well, with one minor glitch. The glitch was that the batter easily ...
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What does it mean if human DNA is in hot dogs?

According to this report on hot dogs by Clear Food, some hot dogs have human DNA in them. 2% of the overall samples had human DNA present. What would cause human DNA to end up in the hot dogs? ...
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Can I make Corn Dogs in advance?

I have about 100 people who will be coming over for a carnival. We wanted to make corn dogs, I made them for the Super Bowl to test it and 16 took me close to 1.5 hours. At that rate, in the 4 house ...
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Should sauerkraut on hot dogs be washed

I'm a recent convert to the fermented cabbage dish Sauerkraut which I know is popular in Germany and Poland. On TV I've seen this served on hot dogs in The States and was wondering whether it is ...
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What would you use to wash pretzel hot dog buns?

I was inspired after seeing a hot dog with a pretzel bun. I have the recipe pretty close to where I want it, but I'm not sure what to use as a wash. I tried egg whites so far and wasn't very happy. ...
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Yellow Hot Dog Relish

I can not find my favourite hot dog relish sauce recipe but it included cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, and onions. I know it had tumeric as it was yellow but I am not sure of the ratio of vinegar to ...
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What makes a hot dog a hot dog?

I like hot dogs, but I'm always conscious that they are a means by which unspeakable bits of meat can be made appetising, even when they get a fancy name like bockwurst to cover the fact. So I bought ...
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Is there anything gained by butterfly cutting a hot dog for grilling?

A friend of mine butterfly cuts (in half lengthwise without separating) his hebrew national hot dogs before grilling them. I don't notice a difference in flavor and didn't perceive a decrease in ...
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How can I put a hot dog in a bun without splitting the bun?

I have some store-bought, pre-slit hot dog buns. They are a little brittle, and if I open the slit wide enough to take the hot dog, the bun splits in two. I've tried using my toaster oven to warm the ...
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