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When to add preservative to hot sauce?

So I am currently trying on a recipe of homemade hot sauce, but I plan on adding either sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate as the preservative. I have figured out how much I would try using, but I ...
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Does Simmering peppers in oil bring out more flavor?

If I simmer a melange of sweet and hot peppers in peanut oil, will it bring out more flavor? Chemically, what is the result of gently simmering veggies in oil? My intuition is to first brown onions, ...
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How can I stabilize Sriracha in sour cream?

I make a spicy Tzatziki inspired sauce to go with certain cuts of lamb, and I've been having some trouble getting the spicy part to be consistent. I use cucumber (no seeds or peel), sour cream, ...
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