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Questions tagged [ice-cream]

Questions about ice cream, soft or hard frozen dairy with sweetener & flavorings

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What are food additives that help popsicles/shaved ice melt slower?

What are food additives that help popsicles/shaved ice melt slower? Simple popsicle ingredients: water, sugar, flavoring I used agar agar and gelatin before, but don’t want to: The texture is not the ...
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How a liquid chamoy will affect proportions in ice cream making

I'm looking for a rule of thumb so I don't mess up the base custard. So for example, let's take this NYTimes recipe:
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Peach sorbet is not setting at all and the mix is having a jelly texture when popped into the freezer

I am doing a peach sorbet following pierre herme recipe which literally said: 580g of peach puree 74g sugar 104g water 37g of glucose (I've used high quality honey instead) 4g of sorbet stabilizer ...
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How do I seal ice cream containers?

I want to make ice cream, put them into pint containers (or, hopefully of any custom size in the future) and have the containers be sealed with a film like Häagen-Dazs does. A machine would be ok. ...
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No frost refrigerator

Can I put popsicle in no frost freezer? I bought popsicle and put in my -24c "No frost" freezer and all of my popsicle melt. Is it normal or my "No frost" freezer need service? ...
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Scraper for Ugolini & C miniGel L4

I have recently inherited a "Ugolini & C miniGel L4" gelato or ice cream maker that my mother bought in the early 1980s (Williams and Sonoma began importing this model in 1979 but ...
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Donvier ice cream maker - inserting the bucket

Recently I bought a Donvier 1 pint ice cream maker on Ebay. When I figured out how to put the rim on the chill recepticle it didn't seem that hard. When the ice cream didn't freeze I did some ...
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