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Are these Indonesian milk products cheese, yogurt, or curd?

In Indonesia there are various traditional milk products (excluding tofu, which is made from soya milk, which isn't really milk at all) This is one I found on an Indonesian e-commerce site: This is ...
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How is "Oelek" pronounced?

Sambal Oelek is an Asian chili paste made and marketed by a Chinese American producer in California (Huy Fong Foods, with a rooster on the jar). I've been using it as an ingredient in mie goreng, the ...
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Light green squash-like ingredient in Indonesian cuisine

We've traveled to Indonesia years ago and there was this ingredient I had never tasted before which has had me looking for years. I had it in gado-gado many times there, including in an Indonesian ...
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Mortar used to process paste containing candlenuts - risk of contaminating raw foods?

If I use a mortar and pestle for working with candlenuts (who are considered mildly toxic when raw), to make a paste that is later cooked, how thoroughly and how does that mortar (not dishwasher proof,...
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What is a good substitute for Kecap Manis

Several Indonesian dishes that I've been thinking about making call for Kecap Manis, a sweat somewhat viscous soy sauce. I've seen several potential substitutes online involving normal soy sauce, but ...
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Substituting for Candlenuts in Indonesian Food

Indonesian cuisine relies heavily on candlenuts as a base and thickener for spice pastes which are the foundation of the cuisine. This includes many of the various rendangs and sambals, such as ...
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Any good substitutes for tamarind in Beef Rendang?

I have seen recipes for Indonesian Beef Rendang that call for tamarind (here is one), but tamarind is a little difficult to find here in Japan. So I have two questions: What could serve as a ...
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Shredded steak for south east asian dish

I have a recipe for Nasi Goreng, which calls for 1/2 lb of shredded raw rump steak. I'm not sure how one goes about shredding steak - any suggestions?
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How to make your own Tempeh?

I'm looking for information on Tempeh, especially how one make it themselves. Any info would be appreciated.
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