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Questions tagged [jewish-cuisine]

Questions with this tag should be about traditional ingredients, preparations or dishes of Jewish culture - such as matzo, challah or latkas. Questions about ingredients common to Jewish-style cooking, but which aren't about a specific Jewish dish, should not use this tag.

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Can I make a roux with matzoh meal?

Passover question! Is is possible to make a passable and useful roux using matzoh meal instead of flour? Or does the fact that the meal is precooked cause it to just burn? Is there passover gumbo in ...
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Can I replace matzo meal with flour in a popover recipe?

My favorite popover recipe includes matzo meal, which is easy to find during Passover. I run it through a blender to make it fine before mixing it with the other ingredients. Can I substitute regular ...
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Advice on rendering schmaltz

I'd like to try rendering schmaltz, and to that end have been stripping skin off the store rotisserie chickens my family buys (I've got two chickens-worth of skin atm). In doing some research I found ...
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How best to cook frozen (homemade, not store-bought) blintzes?

I made some blintzes from this recipe, and froze them as indicated in the note at the end. You'll notice that the recipe only gives instructions for cooking fresh blintzes, not frozen. When it comes ...
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Matza balls 'explode' at high altitude

We now live in the mountains at 8,500’ (2600 m) and I cannot make matza balls for chicken soup up here. They explode into dust in boiling water. Water boils at 190 F (88 °C) here, that's probably a ...
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Can you develop a gluten structure by kneading matzoh meal dough?

I'm interested in applying principles of dough magic to Passover cooking and I have sort of a general understanding of how developing the gluten structure works when kneading a traditional wheat flour ...
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Why is water added to the egg wash of challah bread?

This recipe for challah bread calls for an egg wash composed of 1 egg and 1 tsp of water (see the final item in the ingredient list). What is the effect of this small amount of water? It seems like ...
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How can I make matzo meal and matzo farfel?

I have a surplus of matzo this year thanks to Costco, and I assume I can crank out my own matzo meal and matzo farfel at home from whole matzo. Has anyone done this? Should I just put the matzo in a ...
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What are the best types of apples to use in Charosset?

What are the best type of apples to use when making Charosset for Passover? I'm torn between something more neutral like Gala vs something tart (which might work well with the sweetness of the rest ...
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Hamantaschen just wouldn't pinch and hold tight

I made a pretty simple and easy hamantaschen recipe last night, and it came out really well. The only substitution I made was to flex 3 eggs for 3 tablespoons milled, gelled flax seed in 9 tablespoons ...
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Fluffy matzo balls

It's that time of year. The seasons are changing and I've got myself a cold, for which there is no better culinary cure than matzo ball soup. I can make a pretty mean chicken stock, but my matzo ...
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How do you stop latkas from sticking to the baking sheet when cooking them in the oven?

I've made latkas and used flour as the binder, no egg. I placed the patties on an oiled baking sheet and cooked them in the oven at 375F for about 30 mins. When I pulled them out, they were quite ...
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