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White mold on kale stems

I had kale sitting in the fridge for a few days, and I'm seeing what appears to be white mold on the stems: I feel like I've been seeing conflicting reports on the edibility of this online (if I've ...
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What are these yellow bumps on green Kale, grown in California? Insects?

I can't rinse, or wash, off these yellowish bumps! They don't feel like dirt or sand! Are they larvae? I bought this Kale grown in California. For my reference, beneath are my pics # 22, 62, 65, 68, ...
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Is there any point in blanching kale directly before cooking?

I have just stumbled upon various recipes (in German, example) that instruct to blanch kale and immediately afterwards cook it at a high temperature for at least an hour, starting with an interval of ...
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How to cook kale and collard greens for someone who doesn't like them? [duplicate]

My farmshare vege box is forcing me to confront my least favourite vegetables. I have disliked kale and collard greens when I had them previously because of their bitterness and tough texture. Are ...
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What is this? Fresh Kale looks to have small sprouting seeds, although looks similar to insect eggs

Picked up from farmer's market yesterday. Not sure if organic. No smell. Slimey texture. Strong grip. A few have started to sprout. About 4 on this one leaf. Other leafs have none. Any idea what ...
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Is sweet-tasting raw kale normal?

I just tried eating kale for the first time, raw, in a salad without any dressings, and to my surprise it did not taste bitter at all unlike descriptions of its taste that I've seen online. In fact it ...
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Raw Kale - Korean side dish

I'm trying to get more raw veggies in my diet in general and Kale is such a good one. I recently had a raw kale side dish at a Korean restaurant that may or may not have been fermented. It's flavor ...
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What can I do with the white parts of kale?

I like to bake, fry, cook and make salads out of dark green parts of the kale. But when I get to the middle of the kale, I don't like those whiteish bright parts, just not tasty much imo. I was ...
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What's the best way to store lots of kale to use for smoothies?

I am going to start making kale smoothies and wish to buy a couple bunches of kale at a time. Here's my thought - I was thinking of taking the kale, perhaps blending it with some roots/veggies at a ...
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Alternatives to massaging fresh kale?

I plan on making a raw kale salad for a large group and was wondering if there is another technique besides massaging it with my hands, which will likely get sore after breaking down a large quantity ...
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How do I clean kale and other leafy vegetables for cooking?

I'm eating a lot of kale and other leafy vegetables lately, and I'm concerned about removing pesticide residue. Is thoroughly rinsing the leaves in cold water enough?
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