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i have a 1980's teamade, something is all over the bottom, i can't get it off/out, would you consider this safe to drink from? what is it? fixable?

as you can see, something is all over the place in the bottom of the kettle around the edges? can i remove them, can this be fixed? its great and i have been drinking from it every morning but i ...
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Energy efficiency of microwave and electric kettle for heating water

Has anyone measured the watts used to heat a mug of water in a microwave instead of in electric kettle into cold mug? I have always considered that an electric kettle wastes energy when heating enough ...
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Are there any variable temperature electric kettle which boil water before letting temperature drop to the desired temperature?

I am a green tea enthusiast so I'm looking for a variable temperature electric kettle but since the water in my home is not very clean I don't want to buy one which just heats the water to a given ...
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Discoloration in tea kettle

I have a two piece tea kettle used for brewing black Turkish Tea. The bottom part is used strictly for water (specifically faucet water), whereas the top is for steeping the concentrate of the tea. ...
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Cooking pasta in a water boiler

A friend of mine cooks pasta in a modified electric water boiler which has been modified to keep going even after the water placed in it boils. What are some advantages and disadvantages of this ...
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Would trying to boil blood that's been treated with an anticoagulant in an electric kettle break the kettle?

I read here it isn't possible to boil milk in an electric kettle without a very high probability that it will break it, though someone also mentioned that there are electric kettles that can boil milk....
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Is water on the outside of an electric kettle dangerous?

When filling our electric kettle with tap water, I’m carefully avoiding any water trickling down the side. Others in our household are less careful. If we let water run down the side, will it damage ...
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Poaching a whole fish: kettle or foil?

Some friends and i would like to poach a whole salmon, weighing four to five kilograms. There are two ways we could do this: in a fish kettle, or wrapped in aluminium foil in the oven (is that "en ...
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Advantages/disadvantages for limescale cleaning methods?

Are there any advantages/disadvantages for different methods for cleaning limescale (from a kettle/thermos)? The methods I know about: Citric acid (lemon/lime salt?) Vinegar I usually prefer the ...
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black residue in tea kettle

I have a stainless steel tea kettle, with sprayed on porcelain enamel. The interior is sprayed black, with little white dots. A very common design in the old ovens, and in many tea kettles. When I ...
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Why would boiling milk in an electric kettle break the kettle?

Or: is it safe for the electric kettle's integrity and overall functionality to be used to boil non-water liquids such as milk? *note: I know milk may burn onto the element and be difficult to clean ...
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Filling a hot Kettle

Is it ok to fill an electric kettle straight after it's been emptied? I heard that it does something to the element. Please help!
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Why use a kettle to heat water?

Whenever I need to heat up water for a French press or hot chocolate, I do it in the microwave. Is there a good reason to use a kettle instead of the microwave to heat water?
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Is it safe to boil water in a microwave?

Our electric kettle broke. So this morning I used the microwave to boil water for the first cup of coffee. Only thing is - the water in south Africa is not really the best of quality when you get it ...
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What causes the black discoloration on this plastic electric teakettle?

In the break room at work, there is a tea kettle that has some unappealing discoloration. I would like to use it, and lots of people do, but I find it terribly unappealing. I can't remove it with ...
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How to clean an electric kettle?

I have an electric kettle that I clean by scrubbing the insides with plain water. I was wondering if there was a better way to clean it. I remember hearing somewhere that you can clean a coffemaker by ...
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