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The room in which people do their cooking.

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I dislike cooking if anyone else is in the kitchen -- is this normal? [closed]

I really dislike trying to cook if anyone else is in the kitchen. I feel like the other person(s) are just constantly in my way, standing in front of whatever I'm trying to get to, and blocking me in. ...
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Is it possible to keep onions in a room and avoid odors?

There is a kitchen without a porch or cabinet handy to store onions. How can I store onions in a way that doesn't cause odors in the kitchen? Is it even possible?
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Advice on commerical kitchen layout

I'm setting up a commerical delivery only kitchen and so far I have a flat top grill and fryers. Beside these under the hood i need to add induction hobs for cooking potatoes and pasta and rice ...
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A cheap piece of equipment/appliance that can help with reducing stock in a room that is not suited for cooking

I've just reduced a 4l of stock in my "kitchen" to 0.5l by boiling it over an hour. I wrote "kitchen" with quotation marks, because that room might have been designated as a ...
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Glass pot on glass top stove

I have a lovely glass double boiler which I would love to use on my glass cooktop. Cooktop already has scratches so that doesn't worry me, but will my pot break if I use it?
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Are there other reasons to not remove the sealant from a granite kitchen counter?

My in-laws have a granite countertop in their new kitchen. Normally, granite is quite heat-resistant, but they found out the hard way that the resin "sealant" that coats it to make it shiny ...
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How do you cook more successfully in a different kitchen?

We rarely host holidays at my house and therefore end up traveling to visit with family. Since I cook frequently (and enjoy doing so!) I am generally asked/expected to help in the kitchen with the ...
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KitchenAid beater stuck on new machine [duplicate]

I’ve used my machine twice. I went to try to put a different attachment on it and the pin won’t move.
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Commercial Kitchens in the UK

How would you find a commercial kitchen to rent in the UK? I cannot seem to find any resources for them, the only ones i've found are attached to store fronts. Would this be a case of renting a ...
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I accidentally used a bathroom sponge on my dishes

Somebody help, please! I don’t know what to do?
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Wooden cooking layout

I am a PhD student and I intend to cook in my dorm room. There is a wooden enclosure, I am not sure if it is meant for cooking but I intend to cook there. Please take a look at the space. Although ...
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Can I use stainless steel scrub to clean regular dishes?

I know stainless steel scrubs are usually for cleaning tough spots out of stainless steel woks and pans. I use a regular kitchen sponge for my bowls and plates. However, sometimes the dishes get ...
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How can I remove oil spots from kitchen floor? [closed]

Sometimes during cooking oil drops falls in floor, and look ugly. How can I remove these types of oil spots from floor?
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How to get all the rice out of the pan?

Often when cooking rice a lot of it ends up sticking to the bottom of the pan and gets wasted. I'm using a frying pan with a non-stick surface. Is there a way to get all the rice out of the pan easily?...
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Cabinets at the top of the wall, what goes there? [closed]

I recently got a new house and (unlike my current house) the kitchen has cabinets going all the way to the ceiling. These cabinets are unreachable without a ladder and each one has windows so you can ...
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How can I remove surface rust from a cleaver and keep it off

I was in Amish country in Ohio last weekend and found this in an antique shop. It seemed interesting and reasonably priced so I bought it. I did notice the surface rust. The cleaver is 9" from heel to ...
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What makes up the typical "spice drawer needs a deep cleaning" scent?

This might be considered a half humorous question, but I am still curious here. There is that typical smell that clings to your hands after rummaging around in or tidying a typical spices drawer/box/...
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Best way to remove fruit flies from your kitchen

I have a confession to make. I was lazy, I didn't think it would cause any harm, but it did. And now they are back. The fruit flies have taken over my kitchen, and I need help fighting them. Story: ...
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Roasting rack? I'm stumped as to what this is....Help! :)

A friend gave me a bunch of her old inherited cooking accoutrement and I'm not entirely sure what the function of this is. Anyone know?
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Please tell me what this kitchen tool is called and its use, specifically

This vintage tool is stamped "Guelon, France." I believe it is some type of zester, but I cannot find an image of it anywhere online, nor any info on it. Please help me and, if you can, tell me its ...
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What is the best place to store garlic in the kitchen?

I've been at a friend's house. When I looked for the garlic I the fridge my friend said garlic doesn't go in the fridge. But another friend said garlic lasts longer if placed in the fridge, even when ...
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How to keep insects away

I live in a warm country, cockroaches are endemic here, and I do my utmost to keep them out. However, occasionally one will sneak past my defenses. Is my kitchen clean? You bet ya! Have I done ...
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Smoke alarms go off now that we have a gas stove didn't when we had electric

Our smoke alarms are constantly going off while cooking now that we have had to replace our stove. My wife didn't really like the electric so when it was necessary to replace it, we went with gas. ...
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How can I keep flies out of my kitchen?

I'm very concerned about food safety, but at the same time, I like to keep windows open when I cook to get in a lot of fresh air. Unfortunately, this has the bad effect of allowing flies to swarm in. ...
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What techniques and tips do you have for keeping an organized, clean work area while you cook? [closed]

I've heard of the Mise en Place principle in professional cooking which means literally "everything in it's place". Professional cooks applying this principle keeping their work area clean and ...
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When should I ditch a pot with teflon? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to know whether the teflon coated pan's life has reached end? We have this set of teflon covered pots, how do I know when the teflon gets too worn out? Or does it ever?...
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Dishwasher safe lids for copper cookware?

I have a copper cookware set. I understand that the copper portion isn't dishwasher safe, but what about the lids? I assume since they have no copper on them, they are dishwasher safe. My Cookware ...
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How to get rid of weevils?

At first I thought they are plain moths, until I noticed some larvae climbing towards the ceiling, always in the kitchen. I made an inventory and discovered a package of hazelnuts which contained more ...
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Tips for a small kitchen

I enjoy cooking but have a seriously small kitchen. There is only about 3 ft of work surface and that has kettle and toaster on it. I have a fair amount of shelf space but still need to larder goods ...
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Timing cooking: methods / workflow

I'm looking for methods to improve timing or workflow during cooking. How to multi-task effectively, getting the maximal amount of differing dishes on the table, for each course, etc. A multitasking / ...
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Is it worth to install a gas stove with a big gas bottle in the kitchen?

There are several options when it comes to choosing a stove. From my own experience, electric stoves are not really that great. I guess most households have them because their are convenient to ...
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