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Questions tagged [kiwifruit]

Kiwifruit are associated with New Zealand, and were originally named *Chinese Gooseberry* Some people abbreviate this to "kiwi" which is technically wrong - a Kiwi is an endangered flightless nocturnal bird from New Zealand - but a very common usage.

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6 votes
2 answers

Kiwifruit - slow drying

Last year, I accidentally slow dried some yellow kiwifruit in my refrigerator. I had simply forgotten about them. It must have been at least four months before I realized. When I pulled them out, ...
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Why do sungold kiwis never sting the tongue, while green kiwis can?

I've been buying ripe sungold kiwis (from New Zealand) and green kiwis (from Italy) for at least 5 years, and have noticed that sungolds never sting, while the green ones sometimes do. Why? Are they ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Proper storage of Kiwi

I bought some kiwi fruit on Friday ( 2 days ago) and left them in the plastic bags from the store... the fruit and veggie plastic at the grocery store . I also had them tied so no air was actually ...
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8 votes
7 answers

How is Kiwifruit used to tenderize Meat?

I just read today that Kiwifruit is used to tenderize meat. I wanted to make some fruit chutney anyway, normally I'd go for mango, but why not use kiwifruit fruit this time? I read that the actinidin ...
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Make Kiwifruit sauce less sour without sugar?

I've prepared a Kiwifruit sauce, adding also some sugar and honey. I was wondering - is there a way to make it less sour, that is not increasing the sugar and honey content? The recipe was: 4 ...
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5 answers

How can I keep chopped fruit fresh for 2-3 hours?

I need to cut up a large amount of fruit for use in a pavlova dessert tomorrow night - although the same question would no doubt apply to a fruit salad or other fresh fruit item. Anyway, I won't have ...
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Should I peel kiwifruit?

What should I do with the kiwi peel? I've got no problem with its taste and feel and eat them whole when I'm by myself. Is it in any way bad for my health?
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13 votes
9 answers

How do I remove kiwifruit skin without losing a lot of the fruit's flesh?

Is there a way to loosen the skin from the flesh before peeling a kiwifruit with a paring knife or peeler? I'm not a deft hand with a paring knife, and I suspect that it's time to buy a peeler with a ...
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