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Questions tagged [language]

Questions about naming and translation of culinary terms and phrases.

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Correct term for marinating+degorging/macerating at the same time?

Sometimes it makes sense to marinate fruit or vegetables with water-extracting ingredients (sugar,salt,alcohol...) and flavorings (spices or extracts) at the same time, and later use fruit and liquid ...
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2 votes
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Is there standard terminology for the doneness of bacon strips?

As you lower temperature on strips of bacon, you go from: a light, hot sear (very soft, chewy bacon), to a hot sear followed by a light saute in its own lard (getting towards al dente), to a medium ...
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Is there such a thing as 'onion hair'?

I've been reading a food menu of a Qatari hotel, and I've come across the following dish description: Roasted stuffed quails (3) with golden onion hair and green pepper Naturally, searching Google,...
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