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2 answers

Recommended lemon juice to water ratio when making lemonade

A lot of recipes I see call for lemon quantity but this can be very relative as some lemons differ in weight/size, thus yielding to different amounts of lemon juice. For instance, if I wanted to make ...
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What determines the amount of oleo saccharum that you get when combining the lemon zest and the sugar?

Lately I started making the “State fair lemonade” from food wishes and learned about oleo saccharum. The first two times I made the oleo saccharum I peeled 6 lemons and used 250 grams of sugar (which ...
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Stirring honey in room temp. water vs. boiling honey water?

I read Is lemonade better when made with simple syrup?, but does the answer differ if I use honey rathe rthan sugar? In their videos on making lemonade, Rachel Farnsworth and Laura Vitale counsel ...
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Why boil sugar for lemonade? [duplicate]

I've started making home lemonade recently and all the recipes boil about one cup of sugar in one cup of water. I never questioned that until my father saw the process and asked why don't I just add ...
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Lemonade problem

I follow the basic lemonade recipe; making sugar syrup and adding it to lemon juice. The result is perfect but when I leave it overnight in a bottle it seems like the juice (or a white substance) ...
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Emulsifying oil-soluble flavour compounds in homemade soft drinks

Commercial soft drinks seem to often use rather exotic emulsifiers (brominated vegetable oils, quillaja) to mix flavour bearing oils into the drink - I would assume that is how you get citrus tastes ...
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Lemonade as a base for steak marinade

I have marinaded steaks in the past with acidic juices, usually including orange juice. The acidity seems to help with the tenderization of the meet and the slight sweetness in addition with salt and ...
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Substitute for fresh lemons - I need to make 70 liters of homemade lemonade

I can not afford so many fresh lemons to make lemonade. What would be the equivalent for 6 fresh lemons if using citric acid instead? Can Tartaric replace fresh lemons which are very hard to find ...
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2 answers

What is the name of a drink made with iced tea and orange juice?

Iced tea and lemonade is known as an Arnold Palmer. I mix mine in 50/50 proportions. Lacking lemonade, I mixed 50/50 iced tea and pulpy orange juice. I really kind of like the result and nicknamed ...
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How to increase the perceived sweetness of homemade lemonade without sweeteners?

I have been making homemade lemonade for a few years in the summer and slowly, starting from an online recipe, I have been perfecting it (on a mainly trial and error basis) to reduce the amount of ...
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4 answers

How can I make my lemonade more tart/tangy?

I'm making lemonade, but no matter what ratios of lemon to sugar I use, I can't get that tartness and tang that I can taste in my favourite commercial drinks. I noticed that even with drinks that don'...
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15 votes
3 answers

Is lemonade better when made with simple syrup?

On a hot summer day and with a basketful of lemons I often want a nice cold glass of lemonade. A lot of recipes suggest making lemonade with simple syrup, which requires cooking, whereas other recipes ...
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Is zesting lemons effective when making lemonade?

It's too hot. The air is oppressive and sticky, and it just keeps getting hotter... I need a nice, cold glass of lemonade. Fortunately, I have a bag of lemons and plenty of ice! So now the question ...
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