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A lime is a citrus fruit with green skin and acidic juice, commonly used in the cuisines of India, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Middle East. Lime juice is also a popular cocktail ingredient.

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Fresh lime juice vs. bottled for canning tomatoes

After I canned some tomatoes using fresh lime juice, I noticed the recipe called for bottled. Will this batch be shelf safe?
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How to properly mix lime juice with cream?

Around 5 years ago, I tried really good cake. And since I recently got back into baking, I wanted to try to recreate it. The dessert was named as cheesecake in the menu, but it wasn't like New York or ...
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Is it normal for key lime pie filling to be bubbly like water and overflow while baking?

I made mini lime pie in muffin tin and after a while, the filling is boiling like water and overflows. I bake it in 180c (350f-ish) and after 30 minutes they don't seem to ser properly. Shoulf I bake ...
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Day 3 My Preserved Limes Are Not Filling the Jar

I packed all the nearly quartered limes I had tightly into a quart jar with plenty of salt. When I finished, there was about 1/3 of the jar empty. I put them in the dark cupboard because I didn't know ...
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What would cause the peel of a lime to turn yellow?

About a week ago, I purchased two limes, a lemon, a couple of kiwi fruits, and some oranges. When I got home, I placed them in a bowl. One of the limes ended up at the bottom of the bowl but there ...
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When getting coconut milk out of a coconut what type of drill bit should I use?

I'm aware there's wood, masonry, and metal drill bits, but what type works best for getting milk out of a coconut to put lime in it?
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What method should be used for caramelizing chopped lime?

I was making this recipe from Andrei Lussman the other day, but I was having some issues with one part of it: Finely chop the remaining half of lime and cook gently in a separate pan to release the ...
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Post harvest treatment of organic limes vs conventional limes

If both come from Mexico to Europe in the same amount of time on a ship, how do organic limes stay unmoldy while conventional ones need fungicides?
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Why are some dried (dehydrated) lime fruits black and others tan brown?

Whole dried limes (Limoo, Omani) come in either black or a tan brown colour. Black has a stronger flavour but what the reason for the difference? Some say that black coloured dried limes are smoked ...
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What is the main difference between lemon and lime? [closed]

Lemons and limes are both very acidic but have slightly different flavors and scents.
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How to make lemon powder using lemon juice like milk powder?

Recently I had a good lemon harvest , and I'm experimenting with it . I like to know if I can make lemon powder , so I can use them later . I tried heating , but it all went black and became unusable ,...
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Pickled/preserved lemons/limes - grams of salt per kilogram of fruit? [duplicate]

[ I think this question here was originally too unclear. because I was still researching and figuring out exactly what I wanted to ask when I posted it. I edited it a few times, but I think my editing ...
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How can I tell which limes have the most juice?

I frequently find myself at the grocery store looking at limes for cocktails and wondering which will yield the most juice. Sometimes, a lime will practically liquefy itself (which is what I want), ...
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How do you stop limes from drying out?

I bought a bag of limes and decided to leave them out on the table in a bowl after the last bag dried out in the fridge. They also dried out super-fast in a very few days. Should I keep them in a ...
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When canning strawberry preserves can you substitute lime juice for lemon juice?

I am making strawberry margarita preserves and would like to substitute lime juice for lemon juice.. Would that present a problem once I can them?
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What is the difference in flavour between the zest of an orange vs lemon vs lime

I am anosmic (do not have a sense of smell) and therefore am reduced in my perception of flavours to the flavours my tongue can detect, every time I zest a citrus fruit I always hear everyone talk of ...
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How can I get more lime flavor into my key lime cake recipe?

I found a great recipe for key lime cake, but it seems to lack the key lime flavor I am looking for. It has lime zest and juice in it, still a great cake, but it seems not enough lime kick to it.
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Does lime juice make jalapeños less spicy?

I make guacamole with a whole jalapeño and the last time it was hard to mash so I poured lots of lime juice in this time. It was hardly spicy at all. Did the extra lime juice make it less spicy?
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Adding lime juice to green curry paste and heating

I am trying this recipe which requires preparation of a green curry paste with lime juice as one of the ingredients. Once the paste is prepared, I add it to a pan with hot oil (after which I add ...
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In ingredient lists, does "lime" mean the fruit or the chemical?

Ingredient lists on packaged foods sometimes list "lime". Does this refer to the citrus fruit, or to the chemical calcium hydroxide? As an example, Mission Organics White Corn Tortilla Chips list "...
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How long will my homemade marinade with orange juice last?

I have a question regarding a marinade that I made. It contains juice. How long will it keep in the refrigerator? I have the final marinade in a air tight glass jar. Here are the ingredients: 6 ...
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Are limes and lime juice more acidic than lemons and lemon juice?

I attended a business meeting in the Midwest and one of our clients took our management team and a few other business partners to dinner at an awesome Mexican restaurant. When the appetizers were ...
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How to prepare a ginger lime drink mixer?

I am trying to prepare a ginger lime (basil) drink mixer. It will be mixed with Whiskey the day of the event. Is it better to prepare a limeade via steeping or a syrup via cooking? Will the acid ...
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Lime on Fish tastes Bitter

I recently cooked tilapia in foil packets. I used Season All, and topped eached filet with guajillo salsa (flavored with lime) and lime slices. I noticed a bitter aftertaste when I was eating the ...
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How can I stop my eggs from cooking when I make lemon/lime curd?

I used this recipe I added a lot of the hot liquid to temper the eggs and they looked good and then I added the mixture to the pot and whisked but the ...
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What can I do about excessive lime flavor in a pork roast?

I marinated a pork roast in lime, garlic, oregano and a little olive oil. The flavor of lime is over-bearing. Is there anything I can do to counter the lime taste?
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An efficient way to zest key limes?

Due to my affinity for baked goods, I decided to try creating key lime pie filling from scratch. I've done so twice now using two recipes. The first of which calls for key lime zest as a primary ...
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What is seeping out of my key lime pie?

For Valentine's Day this year I attempted to make my wife a Key Lime Pie. I followed Emeril's recipe, with one small modification: I replaced the granulated sugar in the crust with a 1:1 ratio of ...
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What can I substitute for Kaffir Lime Leaves?

Kaffir Lime Leaves seem to be a common ingredient in Thai food, particularly coconut based dishes. I have never seen them in Atlanta, and I've looked (farmers market, whole foods, normal grocery, but ...
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How do I remove bitter flavor from lime rind in soup?

I just made a large pot of soup. It's a Mexican Caldo de Res. I added a bunch of lime juice, and thought, hey, maybe i'll throw the lime rinds in there too for a bit. This was a huge mistake. Now the ...
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