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Replacing rhum in baba au rhum

I have some baba and would like to make baba au rhum. However I don't have rhum at home, and would like to use some other liquors. How should I go about picking the replacement? Which aspects should I ...
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Preventing discoloration when making fresh mint liqueur

Twice I have tried to make a fresh mint liqueur (flavored vodka), and both times it has turned a very unpleasant brown/black color. I'd like to figure out how to do this while keeping the nice bright ...
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Bailey's curdled in coffee?

I put an irish bar's baileys into my morning's black coffee I kept warm in a Stanley thermos. But after an indeterminate amount of time (between 10 mins to an hour), some of the milk curdled. Is that ...
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Irish Cream Manufacturing

What do you need to make Irish cream in a more professional way that lasts for a long time without going bad like baileys. Do you have to use a homogenizer, and is there alternatives so it doesn't ...
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What can I mix with a sweet liquor to cut its sweetness? [duplicate]

I have a flavored liquor, Salted Caramel Crown Royal, that is really sweet. What kind of mixer could I use to cut its sweetness?
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Making liquor with normal milk instead of UHT milk

I would like to make a liqueur, using alcohol with 40% and other ingredients. Two of those are (according to the recipe) UHT-milk and UHT-cream. Unfortunately I could not find any source for them ...
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How to interpret this recipe for walnuts harvested at a given time?

I have the recipe for a liqueur which requires using walnuts harvested around the 21st of June. (Yes, the walnuts have to be far from ripe. The recipe call for green walnuts having no hardened ...
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Infusing Chilies in Alcohol

I have been reading about infusing chilies in alcohol to create a liqueur, and I'm not clear on how they should be infused (if at all). Various sources suggest various methods (whole vs. chopped, ...
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Can I soak dried fruit in sweet wine instead of liqueur for use in fruitcakes?

The recipes for fruitcake that I've looked at say to soak the dried fruit in brandy, rum, etc., i.e., something with a high alcohol content. I've been using liqueur which works well. I was wondering ...
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Raspberry Infused Vodka

I recently discovered a number of bottles of raspberry infused vodka in my grandmother's basement. They are all many years old, and I'm wondering if they're still safe to drink. They seem to have a ...
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Would baking chocolate with baileys/kalhua cook out the alcohol?

Good day. My friends and I are planning on making a skillet based smores but with a twist. I've seen tons and tons of recipes but the basic recipe is that there's chocolate at the bottom of the ...
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Is cooking with fruit liqueur comparable to cooking with fruit juice?

I had some cranberries and blueberries that were past their prime, so to preserve them I made them into a liqueur. However I'm not much of an alcohol drinker, so I was thinking of using this liqueur ...
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Is there any reason not to keep fruits inside nalewka for too long?

In much of Eastern Europe, it is common to prepare so called nalewka. The basic idea is to take some fruit (e.g. cherries, blackcurrants) and macerate it in strong alcohol, then remove the fruit and ...
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What is a liqueur?

I was sitting in a hotel bar sipping cocktails with friends last night, and as one of the less well-versed of us was casting an eye over the cocktail list, he idly asked "is vermouth a liqueur?". "Of ...
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Determining sugar content of liqueurs

My girlfriend and I have been experimenting with making different flavors of chocolate truffles. One difficulty with this is that different flavorings have different amounts of sugar, meaning we need ...
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Can liqueurs be reduced?

I'm thinking specifically about Frangelico, but Kahlua is another one that I use quite a bit. I don't care about alcohol content, but I would like stronger flavor and less liquid.
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Balance overly sweet liqueurs

When dealing with particularly sweet liqueurs, in particular Midori (a very sweet melon flavored liqueur), I tend to find their sugary nature overpowering the rest of the drink. What is the best way ...
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An alternative to Baileys?

In this video of triple chocolate pudding recipe, a shot of Baileys is added to whipped cream. Other than Baileys, what can I add to the cream?
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