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How to identify fresh pork liver?

I cook pork liver very often. Sometimes when grocery shopping, I find pork liver that's kind pale in color and with not much blood. Other times, I find liver that's very red and full of blood. Is ...
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Can I soak liver overnight in milk?

Can I soak liver in milk overnight? And if yes, does it matter if I soak it for 2 hours or overnight, or will there be no difference?
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Pre-cook liver before frying?

If I am making fried liver tempura style should I pre-cook the liver? I think when you make an item like, say, shrimp tempura, the shrimp is cooked beforehand because the tempura frying is not ...
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Should I rinse chicken livers before cooking them?

I bought some fresh packed chicken livers from the supermarket (refrigerated). At home I froze them. Today I've thawed them and they were bloody. I've put them into a bowl with cold water, then ...
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Raw liver keeping time in alcohol

I want to make some chicken liver pate and have some raw livers soaking in my fridge. They’ve been soaking in the brandy and port and some sage and rosemary for about 2 weeks. They smell and taste ...
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Does soaking liver in water instead of milk work well?

I researched and found that milk reduces the absorption of iron in your body. I have low iron and was wondering if I can soak liver in water instead of milk. Is it possible to soak liver in water ...
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How to cook liver in microwave?

Delicate parts such as liver, kidney and heart can be quickly fried in a little oil. I wonder if there any way to cook them in the microwave while preserving the tender texture?
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Is poaching a foie gras torchon really necessary?

Is poaching the torchon really necessary? Can't I skip the poaching and just wrap, chill, and serve?
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How to keep chicken livers intact?

I am trying to duplicate the chicken livers as made in South Africa (eg the Mozambique paprika livers Nando's has), but in my first attempt the livers appeared to partially disintegrate into an ...
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Why isn't liver bitter?

I know that the liver is the organ that produces bile. I also know that it has a lot of bile ducts leading to a hepatic duct. Given that all of this bile duct and bile is in liver and bile is bitter(...
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How to make chicken liver less explosive?

I like fried chicken livers with onions quite a bit, and they are very quick and easy to make... unfortunately quick and easy doesn't translate to safe. These livers explode HARD. And of course they ...
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What would be the result of using chicken livers when making liverwurst?

Is liver just liver or is there some basic difference in beef, swine, chicken. If I take a liverwurst recipe and use chicken liver instead of pork am I gong to get the same results within + or - 10%. ...
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Should I be scared of chicken livers? Can I make them less scary? (Ragu Bolognese)

I am planning to make this Ragu Bolognese. The recipe looks so good, and I am due for a fun freezer filling project. The thing is though, that I hate, hate, hate liver. On the other hand, I really ...
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Ballotine of Foie Gras - chop or not?

I am in the process of making a ballotine of foie gras. The liver has been cleaned of veins and is currently in 2 large pieces. It has been marinading in Sauternes / salt / pepper for the last 24 ...
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Do you need to rinse liver?

I got into an argument about liver when I saw someone boil a tub of chicken livers by pouring the entire contents of the tub (blood) into a pot without rinsing the liver. I always though that the ...
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Can I freeze raw liver and meat?

I noticed that my friend freezes raw liver, raw red meat, and raw chicken. I have the intuition that the fat goes bad (due to lipid peroxidation) even when frozen. However, I am not sure if this is ...
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How does soaking liver in milk work?

Soaking liver in milk is said to be a common technique that supposedly helps to remove impurities, softens flavour, and tenderises the liver. I tried it, and the liver turned out alright, but it got ...
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Which ingredient gives Chicken Pate its flavor?

I just made my first Chicken Pate using the Old-school chicken liver parfait recipe. It tastes amazing just as I was hoping. My question is, where does the unique Pate flavor come from? I find the ...
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Soaking liver in milk: in or out of the fridge?

When soaking pork liver in milk for 2 hours, should I place it in the fridge or at room temperature? I'm worried it might go bad, as my room is pretty hot in the summer...
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What is an elegant way to serve whole duck livers? [closed]

Duck livers fried in butter are my favorite "chef's snack". I sometimes opt for roast duck for dinner so I can have my 4:00 treat. I've recently found a source of same day slaughter duck livers in 1-...
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Improving tomato sauce in beef liver recipe [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What kind of sauce can I make for beef liver? I boil the liver in order to be healthier but a own variant is to heat it on a pan afterwards or fry it with little oil from the ...
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Does liver reheat well?

I have a large chunk of beef liver, too much to eat in one sitting. I would prefer to cook it all up at once, but would it be palatable reheated? Would it be ok cold?
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What are good techniques to prepare liver?

I don't like liver, but now I have to start eating pork liver because of its high iron content. There are some ingredients which I have disliked for years, then suddenly started liking when I ...
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How to identify turkey liver

Making turkey gravy - the recipe says to not use the liver. How can I identify the liver from the magical bag of turkey bits? I ended up with 4 things. The first looked like 2 organs connected by ...
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How can I Saute Liver & Onions and keep the liver moist?

What I'm looking for specifically is a way to keep the liver from getting chewy or rock hard (yes those have been the outcomes of the the first two attempts). I'm not doing much with the liver (except ...
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Where can you buy real liver (pref. calf's liver) in the western US?

I have been looking for 14 years for calf's liver. I know that most processing plants render the organs inedible but the rise of the organic meat movement should make it possible to find. Anyone?
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