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Why is my lobster bisque white?

I cooked a few living Atlantic lobsters in water for 2-3 minutes. Before cooking they were bluish, after cooking red, as normal. I halved and fried them in butter, then served them. We had a bucket ...
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How can you 干/乾 燒 lobster on an electric cooktop, in a residential apartment?

I don't know the English translation of 干燒/乾燒? Perhaps dry sear, or dry sizzle? I don't use "grill", because Cantonese restaurants confirmed to me that they don't use grills for this dish. ...
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How Salt and Pepper, Minced Chili Garlic INTO frozen lobster meat? How get 椒鹽 into 龍蝦?

I want cook at home O Mei Restaurant in Richmond Hill's "Deep fry body and head with spiced peppered salt and minced chili garlic". But I don't want deep fry for health. I can pan fry ...
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Why do shrimp / lobster / crab turn pink or red when cooking?

Cooking is a form of chemistry - so there must be a scientific reason behind this. Why do all crustaceans turn pink or red when cooked?
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Which method of killing the lobster would cause the least pain and distress?

The most common way of killing a lobster is to put it into boiling water, however we can read on Wikipedia page that it is one of the methods which cause pain and distress. The killing methods most ...
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Recipes say not to boil butter for beurre monté - why?

I made butter poached lobster tail today. Every recipe on the internet warns not the boil the butter when making the beurre monté, otherwise the butter will separate. No recipe explained why this is ...
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Will lobsters caught in June be shedders?

I am planning to visit Maine at the end of June. Can I expect the lobsters I buy there will be shedders or will they be hard shell?
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3 answers

Lobster Death! Freezer vs. Alcohol

I love lobster but I must admit I am not very good at cooking it. I want to make this easier on my self by just adding the lobster to a flavorful broth. I've heard in the past that if you are going ...
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Is the white hemolymph that comes out of a lobster (when boiling) edible?

I know most parts of a lobster are edible except for what was afore mentioned in your content. But there is no mention of the hemolymph, the white substance that comes out of a fresh, live lobster ...
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How do you tell whether a lobster is cooked?

"When boiling lobster, how do you tell when it's done? Is there a rough estimate of cooking time (eg: time/ounce, etc...)?
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Question on freezing lobster meat

Can cooked lobster meat (which I bought in a fish market the other day) be frozen and, if so, how? Was thinking just placing it in a Zip-loc bag and placing in the freezer. This is just a small ...
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What is a good side dish for a freshly boiled lobster? [closed]

I plan to boil a fresh lobster. Serving it only with melted butter and lemon seems like not enough. What would be a good side dish for it?
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Why are my homemade lobster rolls so much worse than those at the restaurants whose recipes I'm using?

I lived in NYC for many years and love(d) the (mayo-style) lobster rolls at Pearl Oyster Bar and Mary's Fish Camp - big chunks of lobster meat in a simple-seeming mayo-based dressing on buttery ...
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What causes the difference between Maine and Canadian lobsters?

In a first-season episode of the US TV show Kitchen Nightmares, the well-known chef Gordon Ramsay states that there's a "big difference [in] taste and flavor" between Maine lobsters and Canadian ...
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Are there other parts of a Lobster that are edible apart from the Tail and Claws?

I was thinking of the innards - specifically the white parts inside of the main body and what looks like eggs.
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How long will live lobsters last in the fridge?

My parents just got back from Boston. Since we were looking after their dog, they bought us 2 live lobsters as a "thank you". We've named them Pinchy and James. They were bought Saturday afternoon and ...
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Lobster, steamed Saturday afternoon, eaten Monday night?

Pretty much what it sounds like. 1.25 pound whole Maine lobster cooked mid-day on Saturday and refrigerated until Monday evening. Still in the shell, claws, tail, and all. Still good? I normally ...
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How do you cook frozen Lobster Tails?

I recently received a large bag of small Lobster Tails (4-6 oz each) that are frozen - It says Slipper Lobster Tails on the package. Any Ideas as to the best way to prepare - defrost first, boil ...
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