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Precooking flapjacks using water

I have been trying to find a low fat/butter flapjack recipe and have made the following observations. The majority of recipes call for flapjack oats to be mixed with melted butter and/or other fats ...
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What's the most effective way to remove fat from beef stew?

I use the following approach Beef stew meat (I think it's beef chuck) Soak in cold water for 20-120 min Pressure cook for 12 min Refrigerate Next day, hope to lift the solid fat out Sometimes the ...
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Which cut of beef is the leanest?

Which cut of beef has the least amount of fat? (loin, rib , round, etc.)
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Reducing fat content in thick chicken stock

My chicken stock is very gelatinous (good) but it didn't have a layer of fat to skim off. How can I reduce the fat content?
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Fat free cooking in 18/10 stainless steel cookware

I'm considering a set of stainless steel cookware from either AllClad or Inoxia Both cookwares are made of 18/10 stainless steel but Inoxia states you can cook fat free in their cookware: During ...
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Fat free dumplings?

There is nothing like beef stew and dumplings, yet I am trying to eat more healthily. Is there any way to make fat free or at least low-fat suet type dumplings for use with stews? ...
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mousse with liquid in bottom

I made 2 mousses. One typical and one was an attempt for something new. Both turned out with liquid in the bottom. I made both with egg whites. Did I not beat the egg whites enough? The first was a ...
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Adding Pure Oleogustus Flavor

Recent scientific research indicates that there's a sixth taste, oleogustus. Responsible for the flavorful taste of fat in small quantities, and rancidity in large quantities. The research also ...
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Alternative to low calorie spray for frying sausages?

My wife has recently decreed that we are to use low-calorie sprays instead of oil. For the most part, these seem fine. However, I have been through several different types and not found one that is ...
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Which cooking method gives the leanest bacon?

I've recently discovered the joy that is baking bacon. It's made me curious: does baked bacon render out more fat than pan-fried? How about microwaved?
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Will lowfat cream cheese keep filling from setting?

I made a cream pie filling out of 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1 block cream cheese and 1 large cool whip. While it tasted fantastic, it did not set. I did use lowfat cream cheese and wonder if ...
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Are there low-fat substitutes for shortening in baking?

My husband has just had stints put into his heart and is now on a fat/salt/sugar diet. I do all the cooking and enjoy making things from scratch. I am trying to adjust my recipes for his new diet. ...
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Having trouble getting lower fat fluffy pancakes with baking soda approach

I have a baking soda and vinegar pancake recipe that uses too much butter for my liking. When I reduced the butter content, the pancakes seemed too thin and crisp. I tried yogurt, but they seemed too ...
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Difference between "real mayonnaise" and "mayonnaise dressing"

This is something I can't seem to make sense of, even after reading the ingredient lists. The non-reduced-fat Hellman's dressing is marketed as "real mayonnaise", but reduced-fat Hellman's is sold as ...
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Distributing small amounts of oil around a non-stick pan

I have difficulty evenly distributing oils (butter, chicken or bacon fat, and other oils) around a non-stick pan. Of course I can use cooking spray, but I need a solution for all fats. If I don't ...
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How can I reduce the fat in a white wine and parsley sauce?

For Xmas I was given a steamer. This is good as I, as I expect a lot of people in the world have done, have resolved to lose some weight this year. Now I understand that steamers are good for cooking ...
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What can I substitute for puff pastry?

I have a recipe that calls for me to roll up turkey in puff pastry. What can I use as a substitute for the puff pastry, preferably that is lower in saturated fat?
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How do I flavor popcorn with a minimal amount of fat?

I have a popcorn machine that produces popcorn without using fat. It basically blows hot air over the kernels, and after 2 minutes they start popping. You're not supposed to add any flavoring agent (...
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fat-free pudding

I would like to make fat-free pudding like Jello fat-free pudding mix, but I don't want to use a box mix. Is there a way to make fat-free pudding from scratch? For example, chocolate pudding recipes ...
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Cooking up onions, without oil

For a while now I have been trying to reduce my intake of fried food, or food otherwise cooked with oil. However I still make a lot of things with onions, and I end up sautéeing them with vegetable ...
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Peanut-Butter Treat - Using Less Sugar and Less Butter

I'm making a chocolate covered peanut-butter treat this weekend. I'm going to play with the recipe, to have less fat and calories, and I'd like some suggestions. 3 lbs. confectioners sugar 1 lb. ...
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Is it possible to make fudgy brownies without oil?

What can I substitute for oil in brownies and still get fudgy brownies? I've tried yogurt and sour cream (individually) and only replacing half the oil with one of those, but the brownies always end ...
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How much fat does "low fat" cheese have?

I was wondering how low is a "low" in low-fat cheese. It can't be 0%, because then cheese wouldn't exist, right? :) In my country, there's something called "fresh cheese", and fat percentages are in ...
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