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5 votes
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How to substitute unsweetened coconut for sweetened coconut?

I'm planning to make a coconut macaroon recipe that calls for: 1 cup of cream of coconut 2 tablespoons light corn syrup 4 egg whites 3 cups of unsweetened shredded coconut 3 cups of sweetened ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Substitute for coconut in macaroons

Looking over several chocolate macaroon recipes, several of them use coconut in conspicuous amounts (such as this one or this one). What is an appropriate substitute for dried coconut here? It seems ...
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2 votes
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What substitution can I make for blonde cane sugar in macaroons?

I've found a beautiful (and simple!) looking recipe for coconut lime macaroons but it calls for blond cane sugar, which I haven't seen in any of my local supermarkets in the UK, nor have I ever used ...
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