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What is Ultralight Malt Extract and Light Malt Extract, and how do they compare to Dry Malt Extract?

What does the term light and ultralight mean in the context of malt extract? What actually happens to Dry Malt Extract to make it light and ultralight?
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Does simply grinding malt make diastatic malt powder?

I am looking to make some bagels. I already have malt powder which I believe to be nondiastatic but I am also interested in adding diastatic malt powder, which I'm having a hard time finding. I have ...
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Is Finger millet flour boiled in water safe to consume [closed]

I boiled one tablespoon of Finger millet flour in one glass of water for two minutes and then added rock salt and drank it, it was ok, but is it the correct method to cook Finger millet four?
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Does boiling water deactivate malt enzymes?

Will mixing boiling water with malt flour deactivate the malt enzymes? I’m trying to adapt a recipe for mämmi that involves mixing mixing a combination of malt+regular flour with boiling water in a 1:...
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Malt barley powder: pancake killer?

I got some barley malt powder at H Mart and tried using it in pancakes. The pancakes stay ...
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Can I use diastatic malt in applications which call for non-diastatic?

I am interested in a few different applications of barley malt some of which classically would use diastatic malt and some use non diastatic malt. I’d rather just purchase one malt for everything. ...
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Is there such a thing as a single malt vodka?

NB: There are products branded as single malt vodka (so the quick answer is Yes), but my question is more about whether such statements have any real meaning? More detail In a discussion the other ...
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Safety of producing home malted flour

I have been reading about home malting here and here for the purpose of making my own malted flour. However, I doubt my grain has been inspected for Fusarium and, if using rye, I'm not sure if I ought ...
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Will terrible things happen if I replace part or all of the refined sugar in this recipe with malt extract?

Behold the recipe: I'm planning to make a cake based on the Zero Candy Bar for father's day, because it's my dad's ...
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Can I cook/eat unhulled malted barley? [closed]

I've got a small bag of whole barley malt intended for brewing beer. After doing a bit of reading I'm getting conflicting information. Some say the outer hull in not edible, while others say it is ...
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Is there a way to tell if dry malt is diastatic or non-diastatic?

I bought a small container at a farmer's market labeled (with a sticker) "Dry Malt" or "Dried Malt". It wasn't until I got home and researched a little that I discovered there are two types of malt ...
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What can substitute Korean malt syrup? [closed]

I cooked this receipe Korean Grilled Chicken which was delicious. I replaced the Korean malt syrup with corn syrup, but I am not sure about this switch. What is a good substitute for it? I couldn't ...
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Can I make my own malt?

The malt that I found in the store is barley malt. I have a bread recipe that calls for rye malt. I have whole rye grain. What do I have to do to make rye malt? Would it be the same with any malted ...
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Why add malt to bread?

Several bread recipes that I have been looking at recently call for rye malt. I know that malt is sweet but what other effect will malt have on a bread recipe?
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