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What liquid should I use in a mango curry?

I want to make a curry using mango (frozen as there aren't any fresh mangos where I live). I usually use tomato puree for curries, but I am never happy with the result. Even after simmering for two ...
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Black spots while ripening store brought mangoes by paper [duplicate]

I live in Delhi where most retail mangoes are ripened using carbide. Therefore, certain stores sell unripe mangoes which are supposed to be ripened before eating. One method that is popular is ...
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What milk and yoghurt is the best for mango lassi?

What amount (percentage) of fat does the typical plain yoghurt and a typical milk has? Or what is the best milk and yoghurt to prepare a mango lassi? I'd like to prepare a typical mango lassi, based ...
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Why did my mango pickle become bitter?

I dried the mango in sunlight, heated the oil and slightly roasted all masala before grinding it. Now the problem is that masala taste bitter. How can I fix it? The masala I used includes salt, rye ...
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How to handle mango puree going stale in mousse

I made a mango mousse cake using the recipe here: Turned out nice, but after two days the mango puree was tasting stale. How can i counter this?
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How to freeze mango puree?

This last season, I tried freezing mango puree. My google research told I me I can just freeze them as is. But when I thawed them, puree had lost its taste. What did I do wrong?
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How much juice can a mango yield if run through a juicer?

If I know the weight of a mango, or the weight of a bowl of mangoes, is there any way to reasonably estimate what volume of juice the mango, or bowl of mangoes, will yield if run through a juicer?
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Is slightly sugary mango fine for hot sauce?

I'm taking a crack at a mango habanero hot sauce recipe I found, which calls for dried mango slices. However, all of my friendly neighborhood grocery stores have the dried slices that have that ...
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4 answers

Why is my mango not ripening correctly?

I have always been good at being able to tell when a mango is ripe based on the firmness and smell. For the last several batches I have purchased, however, almost every one I cut open is simply not ...
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What's a good substitute for amchur?

If I'm using amchur primarily just for the tanginess, are there any good substitutes? I'd rather avoid things like lemon juice, since often it's very convenient that it's a powder, not a liquid.
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How to dry out rehydrated dried mangos?

I have been making spiced dried mangoes lately by purchasing a package of dried mangoes, placing them into a bowl, splashing some lime juice on them, and then adding paprika, cayenne, ancho, and ...
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5 answers

Eating mangoes with skin intact

I grew up in a family where we had mangoes with the skin intact in fruit salad. After I got married, I was exposed to the "fact" that "nobody" eats the skin of mangoes. It is true that I have never ...
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Why is my Mango Pickle foaming with Gas after 3 days, it is beginning to overflow, even though I left 2" from the cap [duplicate]

We made a mango pickle with green mangoes. Below is the typical recipe that was used: 20 small tender green mangoes 200g salt 2tsp. turmeric powder 2” asafoetida (rock type) 1 tbsp. peppercorns 3 ...
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Why did my mango vodka infusion have a gelatin residue?

Can Mangoes in vodka create their own gelatin? I used overripe mangoes in premium vodka and sealed them in a clean glass jar for 6 weeks. The infusion is delicious but the clear gelatin seemed a bit ...
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4 answers

Indian Mango Pickle producing gas is that normal?

I am trying to pickle some mangoes the Indian way. I boiled the jar in hot water, dried it and then added the mixture of spices, salt and mangoes to the jars after the mixture had cooled. I made the ...
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2 answers

Purpose of condensed milk in mango ice cream?

Purchased condensed milk (so expensive!) to make mango ice cream as per this recipe. After mixing up everything, the mixture seemed a bit softer in texture as compared to my Mom's way of simply mixing ...
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What are those black fibers in my mango?

I was cutting up a mango, when I noticed some black threads inside. What are those? They are quite tough, brown-black, about an inch long (2.5 cm):
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How do I ripen a Mango?

I've bought a fresh mango for a recipe, I've not used mango fresh before and it's currently pretty green (there didn't seem to be any that were more ripe at the shop) and came with a sticker on ...
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What is the dish shown in the "Sunset Limited"

In the movie, "The Sunset Limited" Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson eat a dish which I'm dying to know what it is. They say it has molasses, rutabaga, bananas and mangoes in it, and it's sort of ...
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Why do some mangoes ripen without changing flesh color?

I frequently buy batches of mangoes to sun-ripen. 5% of these mangoes retain yellow flesh (and do not darken to orange) even as the fruit ripens (and becomes tasty). Why does this happen? Is this ...
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5 answers

How to pick a good mango at a local store?

Simply just like the title says. I LOVE mango. But the thing is I don't know how to pick a good one at the local store. I read some tips somewhere from Googling (long time ago, I don't remember its ...
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How can I make use of an underripe mango

I bought a mango this morning that seemed to be ripe; at least it was the ripest of the bunch. I'm somewhat acquainted with picking out red/green mangoes, but this was my first exposure to yellow ...
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Why does canned mango pulp have no vitamin A?

Mango contains plenty of vitamin A ( I have some frozen mango which confirms this on the bag. However, a can of mango pulp says that it has 0% of the ...
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How do you remove the pit from a mango?

I've only attempted this once, and it was a complete disaster. Can anyone provide some tips for a beginner?
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