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For questions about bone marrow, the fatty tissue that fills the cavities of bones.

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7 answers

Can chicken skeleton be made edible?

I like to preserve as much as possible from my cooking and trash as little as possible. With that in mind: can chicken skeleton be made edible? or is there a way for the bone marrow to be extracted ...
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2 answers

What makes a really good marrow bone?

Every now and again I really crave some crustinis with marrow. I've had mixed success trying to find the ones where the marrow can easily come out. There's usually sinewy ossificans and it makes it ...
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4 votes
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Boiled beef bones and ended up with green this normal?

I boiled beef bones that had a good bit of marrow in them and the marrow turned green. Can I still use as a soup base?
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Is the red substance leaking out of the ham bone blood or marrow?

We had already eaten the ham and I was boiling the bone for soup. I noticed a red substance oozing out of a hole in the cooking bone. There did not appear to be a large vein near the hole, so I ...
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