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3 answers

How can I make corn tortillas as thin as store bought?

From watching videos and going to local Mexican restaurant, it seems the tortillas are much thinner than how I am able to get them when I try to make them at home. Should I be pressing harder all the ...
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Are any corn products in the United States made from nixtamalized corn?

I believe polenta, corn meal, grits, and corn flour are not. But how about tortilla corn chips you buy at the supermarket? This is what I am looking for! I have a link to a quora question that I ...
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Why is corn nixtamalized?

I am somewhat confused about the difference between masa harina flour vs. cornmeal. Wikipedia says the process of nixtamalization needs to be done in order for the corn to be nutritional, kill toxins ...
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What's the correct texture for masa dough?

Recently I bought a big thing of masa harina and tried making pupusas and tortillas. I forget which recipe I used, but I remember it saying to get the dough to a "playdoh" like texture. The dough was ...
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How long does tortilla dough keep for?

I am making tortillas with masa harina corn flour according to this recipe. Can I make it a few hours in advance and cook the tortillas just before they are to be eaten? Or should I cook them after ...
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2 answers

Homemade Corn Tortillas: How to get the back side cooked the same as the face?

When making Corn tortillas at home, the first side that cooks against the comal turns out perfect, with slight blistering and an even cooking of this side, the face. Usually takes about 90 seconds ...
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1 answer

Masa Harina and a pasta roller?

I've got most of a 5 pound bag of masa harina left from a semi-successful foray into the world of tamales. Recently I've really enjoyed my pasta roller. It got me thinking. Is there some way I could ...
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5 answers

Why is my masa mushy?

When I steam my tamales, the masa becomes mushy. What am I doing wrong and how can I prevent this?
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5 answers

Trouble making corn tortillas

I have tried a variety of experiments to make corn tortillas, but the results have been far from satisfactory The only masa I can get this corner of the world is imported from Mexico or USA and is ...
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How to Get a Nice, Round Home-made Corn Tortilla

My corn tortillas have been turning out great in taste but the shape is not so good. I have a press that works OK, but I think it may be part of the problem. The tortillas always have jagged edges, ...
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