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Are seeds in melons and other fruits good to eat?

I usually throw away seeds in melons (and other fruits) and I paradoxically buy different seeds from the store. Are seeds in such things good to eat and where can I use them? Because they are not dry, ...
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8 answers

Why is my icecream bitter?

I am new to making homemade ice cream. I just started to feel confident with plain vanilla, so it was time for the next step - adding fruit. The custard recipe says it can be turned into fruit ice ...
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How do I remove bitterness from bitter melon

We use bitter melon/bitter gourd for making curry. We boil bitter gourd in water couple of times to remove bitterness which is very time consuming. Is there any better way to remove bitterness?
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Are sharkfin melon shoots really edible?

I read that the shoots of sharkfin melons (Cucurbita ficifolia) are edible. Isn't that kind of unique for a cucurbit? Is it true that they're edible? Are the mature leaves/vines poisonous?
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How do you make pie with Citron watermelon (not just the rind)?

Citron watermelon (AKA Pie Melon, Tsamma, and Colorado Preserving Melon) is said to be useful for making pies, preserves, jam, pickles and such. It is not used for fresh eating, typically, and is hard ...
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1 answer

How long do sharkfin melons keep?

I read somewhere that sharkfin melons (Cucurbita ficifolia) keep for years, if kept dry. Is that really true? It seems an awesomely long time. I have some seeds on order, so even if no one else has ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Melon buying tips

I've just started buying rockmelons and they were only sweet a couple of times. The other times, they've been very low in sweetness and it felt like a waste of money. Are there any tips when buying ...
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How much of toxins really penetrate melons?

[] Cantaloupes often contain five of the longest-lasting chemicals, one of which is dieldrin, an exceedingly toxic and carcinogenic insecticide. Though it was banned in 1974, residues ...
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2 votes
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Why do some melons contain removeable dark tiny bits?

Here's my procedure for cutting melons: Wash the original whole under tap water. Peel/unpeel the rind. Wash the peeled melon again under tap water. Wash my cutting board and entire knife. Cut the ...
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How can I roast melon seeds, without oven or too much oil?

My mom lives Hong Kong when Toronto's cold. Here are strictures: Healthy frying is OK. But NO deep-frying. Her HK flat doesn't have a convection oven. She never bought microwave oven. She could buy a ...
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Santa Claus melon seeds

Just had a bit of a spook from my Brother. Ate some piel de sapo melon seeds and he said they are toxic. Are they? Should I be worried?
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Why did Honey Kiss Melon from the U.S. sting my mouth?

On June 1, I bought three Sugar Kiss melons in the USA. When I got home, I washed them under tap water and used EcoMax Hypoallergenic Fruit & Veggie Wash, to try to wash away any COVID19 viruses ...
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