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Will lemon in a cheese dip work like melting salt?

I was looking at recipes for cheese dips and sauces. One of them mentioned that the specified lemon juice would make it 'markedly' more digestible. (The recipe is for Nacho dip (in German) and uses 1 ...
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How is Paneer Melting in Cheena Poda dessert?

In this (16:09) Video the Master Chef Chintan Pandya has made a delicious dessert "Cheena Poda" in which the cheena (Paneer) seems to melt. Which is not possible because while making paneer ...
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Is there any taste/texture difference between refined vegetable oils at temperatues above melting point

I am making vegan cheese and it calls for a lot of refined coconut oil. I am wondering If I were to substitute out half the refined coconut oil for equal parts of another flavorless vegetable oil ...
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Chocolate for topping didn't melt

Recipe for S'mores Bars called for melting milk chocolate chips on top of previously baked marshmallows (on top of graham cracker crust). Oven at 350F. My chocolate didn't melt, and the bars don't ...
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