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3 answers

Is butter ever the same after having been melted?

I was recently doing some experiments with butter which involved melting it gently in the microwave and pouring it into dishes. It seemed to me that after the butter had cooled and re-solidified, it ...
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How can I melt cheese for dipping?

I love dipping things like pretzels in melted cheese. I've done this lots of times at fairs and other places with 'pretzel carts', but I've never been able to replicate it myself at home. Whenever I ...
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Instant coffee melts like chocolate

After my instant coffee (with chicory mix) powder got hard due to moisture I decided to heat the hardened coffee in a pan, and it got soft stuck to the pan like chocolate, and even had strings when I ...
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2 answers

What determines how well cheese melts

I have had my fair share of eating cheese and experimenting with them. Sometimes they come out heavenly while other times, it turn out to be a huge flop. Usually when it flops, it's because I am ...
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Is there a way to stop marshmallows from melting off the stick?

Does anyone know of a good way to keep marshmallows from melting off the roasting stick when making smores? Not just sliding off, more like when you use a hot roasting stick and then put the ...
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6 answers

Properly melting butter and sugar together for butterscotch bar recipe

I've been trying to make butterscotch bars. I'm not a new baker, but I don't have much experience in melting brown sugar and butter together. The recipe (included at bottom of post) I'm using says ...
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9 votes
7 answers

Melting yellow cheese for savory pancakes or crêpes

Due to differences in cultures I will begin with explaining the terms I am going to use: Savoury pancake - It is a normal pancake or a crêpe by US standards, but instead of being eaten with jam or ...
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7 votes
5 answers

How can I melt mozzarella balls?

Basically, I am trying to melt mozzarella on top of bread. I've tried both pan and microwave, but it doesn't seem to work out. I also tried to heat the balls separately in a microwave, but even that ...
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2 answers

Does vanilla powder really prevent melted chocolate from seizing?

Don't want to mention the company, but they have a product that is pure powdered vanilla (contains maltodextrin, whatever that is). They say it prevents melted chocolate from seizing. Does that ...
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2 answers

Why does adding commercial processed cheese to fondue change its consistency?

I like to experiment with cheese fondues. I've had good results with the traditional Emmentaler and Gruyère mixture, but the best result I've had was when I added some cheese from the supermarket ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Melting chocolate

I notice that professionals tend to always melt chocolate in a basin over steam to prevent burning. I have over time become lazy and melt chocolate in the microwave on defrost as this is SOO easy also ...
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6 votes
1 answer

My Cheese Melted while in the Fridge?

I have a sandwich that says "sell by 11/4". The sandwich is white bread, provolone cheese, turkey breast, and some lettuce wrapped in a plastic bag. I went to go eat the sandwich today and found that ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Melting Temperature of Mozzarella Cheese?

I would like to take a 1 pound block of store bought low moisture whole milk mozzarella (Poly O or Dragone), gently melt it in a sous vide without breaking down the milk from the fat, roll it out to ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Why does my butter icing melt so quickly?

I've been making cupcakes for a while now and I use butter icing. They come out pretty and taste nice, but they melt so quickly. Sometimes it's impossible to pipe, because the icing goes so sloppy. ...
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2 answers

Why isn't the beef fat in my chili melting?

I'm making some Texas-style chili ("beans optional" :) for the second time, and the fat on my brisket just does not want to melt. As the recipe instructs, the chili sits on the stove for 4+ ...
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3 answers

Chocolate won't melt

I'm trying to melt some Belcolate Vietnam 45 milk chocolate, pictured below in order to make it easy I decided to just put some pieces in a small pot and put it in the oven at a low temperature (this ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Are there any special techniques for tempering dark chocolates with different cacao percentages?

I want to use up some chocolate I have on hand, and don't have enough of either one for the recipe I plan to use for truffles, so I thought I'd try combining the 3 chocolates. One is 54%, one is 63%, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Should I have been able to melt white chocolate and marshmallows together?

My daughter and I were making cake pops, and were a little short of white chocolate for the coating. We thought we'd try a white chocolate/marshmallow coating instead. I didn't weigh the marshmallows ...
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how to coat truffles with chocolate

I need help please, I have just made my first batch of truffles. I decided to coat them in chocolate (untempered) but after I had dipped about 8 the chocolate started to go too hard. I tried to melt ...
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If a cheese sold as pasta-cheese does not melt, is it "cheese"?

This might sound like a dumb question: Back in the day I cooked some pasta for some friends and they bought this cheap grated cheese in the supermarket. I remember my shock because the cheese did not ...
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2 answers

Mixing Ghee with Other Ingredients

I was mixing wet ingredients together for a muffin recipe, and I prepared the eggs, water and vanilla extract. I melted Ghee butter in the microwave, and tried to cool it down some. I then combined ...
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3 votes
4 answers

How can I unstick lollies stuck in a jar, welded by heat?

I left some humbugs in a jar in the sun on a kitchen shelf. They melted a bit and are now stuck in the jar. How do I get them out?
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2 answers

Solubility of chocolate in water and fat

do you have any idea about the solubility of chocolate? I experimented a bit and I can't make sense of what I've found. It isn't 1+1=2. It's rather like 1+1=8,3543 or so. Here is what I found: ...
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What's the most efficient/effective method for removing the rind of a well-ripened Brie?

My family really loves "cheese crack", i.e. the "savory toasted cheese" from Digby.. (Our proportions: 1 block cream cheese, 1 stick butter, 1 wedge of ripe Brie. Cut up, nuke, stir. Seriously, try it....
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How to make a nutella chocolate sauce that stays liquid at room temperature?

I am planning to startup a waffle store, for that I have bought a 750g jar of nutella. I also need to melt a chocolate bar. Now I am willing to make the nutella and chocolate bar less dense or liquify ...
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2 answers

Does cottage cheese melt like other cheeses?

I have a lot of cottage cheese, and was thinking of using some to make a cheese sauce (possibley mixed with a blend of shredded cheeses as well). For some reason all the recipes I find for cottage ...
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Chocolate chip substitutions

Can I substitute a German's sweet chocolate bar for chocolate chips in a rice crispy treat frosting recipe?
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Will lemon in a cheese dip work like melting salt?

I was looking at recipes for cheese dips and sauces. One of them mentioned that the specified lemon juice would make it 'markedly' more digestible. (The recipe is for Nacho dip (in German) and uses 1 ...
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How is Paneer Melting in Cheena Poda dessert?

In this (16:09) Video the Master Chef Chintan Pandya has made a delicious dessert "Cheena Poda" in which the cheena (Paneer) seems to melt. Which is not possible because while making paneer ...
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Is there any taste/texture difference between refined vegetable oils at temperatues above melting point

I am making vegan cheese and it calls for a lot of refined coconut oil. I am wondering If I were to substitute out half the refined coconut oil for equal parts of another flavorless vegetable oil ...
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3 answers

How do you cook margarine with brown sugar without separating?

I have a recipe that calls for melting margarine, adding brown sugar, and boiling a few minutes before pouring it over matzah boards. The problem is that the margarine separates, and the brown sugar ...
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2 answers

Unmeltable cheese

I am using the same cheese I have outlined in my previous question. My problem is that it refuses to melt completely. I know various cheeses are made up of different ratios of water and fat and the ...
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How long can melted salted caramel last?

I melted the salted caramel today and I need it in school on friday. Today is Sunday. I wonder how long can it last beacause I'm scared it wont last more than 3 days.
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How do I separate my melted rock candies?

I recently bought a a jar of rock candies and after one night, they have melted and all stuck together. How do I separate them again to eat them? (I tried freezing, it didn’t work!)
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Can milk chocolate candy be used as a chocolate substitute in fudge?

Can I melt Brach's Milk Chocolate Stars or Hearts to make fudge?
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Chocolate for topping didn't melt

Recipe for S'mores Bars called for melting milk chocolate chips on top of previously baked marshmallows (on top of graham cracker crust). Oven at 350F. My chocolate didn't melt, and the bars don't ...
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How do I choose between shredded and finely shredded cheddar cheese?

I use shredded cheese for spur of the moment enchiladas or to top burgers with. I learned the hard way that my supermarket store brand sharp cheddar does not melt well, so my next purchase will be ...
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How to melt butter most conveniently?

Many cake recipes say to add melted butter and mix it in. In my experience butter needs to be melted to a temperature of about 50-70 degrees Celsius to be soft enough for mixing in. Melting a piece of ...
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