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Covering cooking with a microwave, selection of appropriate cooking times and powers, cooking from fresh and re-heating, differences and techniques for microwave cooking.

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In Belgium or from where to buy this grill over rack, steamer rack?

I have this microoven which has grill functionality. But to grill chicken like following picture: i do not have that stand (steamer rack) which is holding the chicken on top. Do you know in Europe/...
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Does microwaving salmon soup exacerbate albumin release, why or what is this excessive white stuff?

If I immerse salmon in a bowel of water and microwave it I notice that a white froth quickly rises and builds to the top of the water. After the salmon is cooked there is an excessive amount of white ...
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From a nutrition perspective, is microwaving frozen vegetables without water the same as microwaving frozen vegetables with water?

Similar to this question, except I'm asking about nutritional content instead of just taste: Is it ok to microwave veggies without water instead of blanching them in a pot of water? I'm wondering if ...