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Difference between Vietnamese and Moroccan preserved lemons?

One ingredient that I enjoy using is Moroccan preserved lemons, which are lemons that have been packed in salt. However, I don't always get around to making my own, so I sometimes buy them at Middle ...
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Making Souk. When do I add these Moroccan spices?

I'm making black-eyed peas. They've been washed, boiled for 2 minutes, set for 1 hour. Now I'm cooking them stovetop on low after bringing to a boil. The spice combination I have is used in making ...
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What is the name of the middle eastern salad containing Tomato and Cucumber?

Not sure if there is an proper name, had it in Israel but have seen it (or similar variations) in Moroccan restaurants (in the US). Comprised of primarily diced cucumbers and tomatoes, that have been ...
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