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Instant noodle flavour/ flavor enhancers – beyond mere MSG

Instant noodles typically contain three flavour enhancers: the infamous MSG (typically at 97%), and the much more expensive disodium inosinate at 1.5% and disodium guanlytate also at 1.5% to make up ...
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Amounts of MSG and natural glutamates in bouillon and soy sauce

Bouillon has a tasty umami flavor, as does soy sauce. The umami in bouillon can come from added MSG (monosodium glutamate), while the umami in soy sauce is said to arise from naturally occurring ...
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Can a food contain 'extra' sodium?

I have always heard how food companies deliberately add 'extra' sodium to make foodstuffs like fried snacks and instant noodles addictive. But my question is, if I were to make the same food at home, ...
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Is MSG able to penetrate meat like chicken breast and steak when dissolved in a brine?

I am trying to figure out whether adding MSG to a water based brine will allow the MSG to 'penetrate' the meat. I know it is soluble, but I'm not sure whether this means it will be able to diffuse ...
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Is MSG soluble in oil?

I know that salt is not soluble in oil. I've tried seasoning oil with it and the salt never dissolved. I was wondering if MSG behaves the same way as salt in oil?
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Quantities of salt and MSG for a chicken stock substitute

I am making a stew, so all I am after in the stock substitute is some saltiness and umami. What would be the correct ratio of water, salt and MSG for this purpose? I can just attempt to make this by ...
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Is it possible to purchase Disodium Ribonucleotides (E635) in consumer/small quantities?

My research has indicated that it is only possible to order in bulk through contacting large suppliers. Has anyone had any luck purchasing E635 or disodium inosinate and guanylate separately?
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Ran out of salt can I use MSG (monosodium glutamate) instead?

I can't read in local language and was looking to buy some salt, so I went to local shop picked up what looked like it (white crystals in plain plastic bag without much colour and decoration). I ...
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can someone tell me what exactly is msg used for?

What exactly is msg? What is it used for and why do some restaurants have signs saying "contains no MSG"?
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Will MSG improve taste of a food for someone who dislikes the food itself or will it make it worse?

Let's consider a situation where someone dislikes a taste of, let's say, broccoli (or some other food), and MSG is added to that product during the cooking process to improve the taste. Will the taste ...
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When is MSG suitable and when is it not?

Does adding msg to any recipe or dish always make it taste better? It doesn't seem to have much of a taste on its own. EDIT I'm not asking HOW it makes things taste better, I'm asking which dishes it ...
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How does MSG enhance food flavor?

Back many moons ago I used MSG all the time. When a lot of controversy cropped up I gradually went away from using it as I was concerned about the high sodium content it was purported to have. Now, ...
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Is MSG necessary or what to replace it with?

I have always heard that you should stay away MSG. For example when buying bouillon crystals we should always make sure that it doesn't contain MSG. Yet I came across this recipe for spinach soup that ...
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Are MSG and Accent (Seasoning) the same thing?

Can the seasoning Accent be substituted for MSG, for example in General Tso's Chicken?
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